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Selfmade Steampunk outfit, blouse, vest, victorian pants, mechanical artwork, timemachine with mechanical iris as cover, leather belt and waist belt, trappings, metal boots, gun, vambraces, large gun, top hat and goggles...

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seriously, where do you get your bits and pieces. is this all made from scratch, or do you reuse bits from old machines? if so, where do you get them from cos most of the stufff i see is in antique shops and it would be ruinous to make.

These are brilliant.

i always walk though my life with open eyes for old things, machines, typewriters, sewing machines, etc.

i reuse parts from old machines (other people dispose as waste) to build something new from it. Some other pieces i make by myself. everything you see on the pictures are authentic materials like old leather, steel, brass, wood and copper. nearly everything is connectet with inserted nuts. there is no plastic and nearly nothing was glued. the complete outfit is about 60pounds (with boots, weapons, vambrace and backpack)!

then its even better than i thought. Reusing is the most brilliant practice ever, and the fact it is kept as authentic rather than a painted nerf gun has huge appeal. well done. 


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