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(I'm still somewhat new so please bare with me.)

What is your steam punk style? Do you go for a diy with victorian flair or do you prefer true high victorian garb?

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... and Wally, we don't want to catch you in those dresses again. They do nothing for your legs and, frankly, just make you look cheap.

I prefer edgy Victorian ;-)

Victorians wore their corsets within their garments and I prefer them outside of - or in lieu of- proper victorian attire.I also have a fascination for garish colors or patterns- absinthe green corsets or black and white striped gowns and hats for example. 

It is all a bit curious, I admit. But I suppose as a well-heeled arcane engineer who chats with those not currently living a few eccentricities come with the territory ;-)

I'm all for eccentricities in dress.

I'm relatively new to this scene as well, so I'm still in the exploration stage.

I find all styles of steampunk appealing, but my personal style leans towards a girly-edgy look. Some delicate pieces and some not so delicate pieces. Fluffy skirts mixed with combat boots and lacy tops with spiked accents. I'd like to continue that into my steampunk look.

I have a thing about getting the most out of my wardrobe so I strive for pieces I can mix and match for costumes and everyday looks.

Because I do reenactment and living history so much, my Steampunk wardrobe reflects that (or is that in most cases). Though I do have some day to day wear things that are a little less historical and a little more fantasy. And for steampunk events I tend to add those anomalous items with what historical things I'm wearing, just because I can. 

I don't always stick to Victorian though because I'm not European (though once in the dress if I keep my mouth shut I highly doubt anyone would be the wiser). I have lots of late Mughal, Ottoman, and Qajar outfits that I love to don, and I frequently do so. And as with the European style dress, when I do it for steampunk specific events, I like to add in my little anomalies. 

I do hope, dear heart, that you do not keep your mouth shut.  You are what those same "Victorians" would have condescendingly referred to as an exotic individual.  Being a "Colonial" I just love seeing anyone putting them in their place. :-)

I tend to loudly voice my opinions. What I meant by keeping my lovely lips closed was "so long as I don't blurt out 'I'm from Persia!'  the fools would be none the wiser and regard me as a European"

If smack begins to be begotten about "exotics" then I will no doubt put them in their place by proving to them their "dark-skinned and barbaric natives" are anything but. The satisfaction of that is tenfold greater than appearing in a Worth gown and stating immediately my origins. 


It is kind of odd for me. Given a choice (with proper funding, really) I would dress in what I would consider a mechanics's outfit... Trousers (Maybe calf length, like biking trousers), a work shirt with the sleeves rolled up to just below my elbows, good comfortable boots, a tool belt, some nice leather bound goggles, suspenders, and maybe an open waistcoat. That is the style I am most comfortable with, as I am naturally a bit of a tomboy.

However - Due to using found materials, I believe my current get up, is more... Western steampunk. I have a light skirt that I have different layers of fabric draping over, a handmade corset that actually (even without proper boning) does a pretty good job, and I am currently supplementing my undershirt with a white tank top, until I can get (or make out of the linen fabric I have floating around) a new one. All I need now is a pair of comfortable boots and a holster for my customized Maverick, and I would be done.

I like some proper gentlemanly attire of the period, with a few accents. It doesn't take much after all.

Hello. My name is Brian. I love this site! I am new to
the world of steampunk (please forgive me). I am considering purchasing my first steampunk jacket. Is this (see attachment) considered "steampunk"? Thank you for your time and feedback.


It is not what I think so much as what you think.  It does have a 19th century military look to it...

Do you like it?


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