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(I'm still somewhat new so please bare with me.)

What is your steam punk style? Do you go for a diy with victorian flair or do you prefer true high victorian garb?

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There are some who would die for arsenic greens .

Now that you mention it , you are looking rather green around the gills . Was it something I said ?

Love my new bowler and scarf. 

Now you're just trying to make me jealous **sigh** :)

I'm currently working on an entirely new set of Qajar, Mughal, and Ottoman items for my presentation in January. They will be FILLED with colors.

Why? Because I'm very much in favor of emulating the era Steampunk originated in. And when Jules Verne was alive, ladies of all ethnicities and men of certain races wore colors damn it!

So there's a fuchsia silk Ottoman gown, a pink striped cotton Qajar jacket with lavender silk shirt and turquoise skirt, orange silk shoes (!) two kurta churidars: one reddish pink, one emerald green. My cousin is working on making her fiance (who will be my co-presenter) a red waistcoat, a striped angrakha, and a green velvet Qajar long-coat.

We will be colorful damn it! You will see us from a mile away amidst the sepia tones! :D

Or you'll hear us.... Actually, with us Persians, there's a good chance you'll hear us first.......

Sounds wonderful. I have always worn dull tones, my entire wardrobe and drawers are full of greens, browns and greys. I think it comes from my earthy inclinations. Steampunk has probably made me a bit more colourful, brighter waistcoats, red smoking jackets, various ties and the like. 

I was watching an Indian couple walking down the road the other day, wearing, well i guess the word is traditional, garb, and they looked just fantastic. And so comfortable in it. Mine is still a costume, albiet worn most days, whereas you could tell theirs was just normal. Made me smile in happiness.

You should invest is a casual sherwani (men's kurta shalvar). They are SOOOOO comfy, and because they're usually light, bright colors and entirely cotton, very breathable for that hot Aussie heat.

Helps too that they're full length, so they give you the added protection from the sun

lol I have no idea what you are talking about, but i will look into it. But I am thinking a robe would not be the most comfortable thing for me to wear, mentally i mean!

Yeah, sorry, can't see me wandering into the shops looking like this :)

Oh it's GLORIOUS....

Wait, can I just have those two men SANS sherwani? ;)

Personally, I generally prefer a more standard Victorian with a few optional steampunk items.  I have always been drawn to the Victorian and Edwardian look and had worn them to conventions for years.  I like the accessories like pocket watches, spectacles, pins, cravats, top hats, coins, pistols, knives – eh, you get the picture.


The thrift shop is your friend.  I have found many good items there as far as clothing goes.  Generally a little modification goes a long way.  The upside of using actual clothing is that it lasts a very long time over costume quality items.  Invest in a good hat; find some fuddy-duddy shoes at the thrift shop.  Some good quality black trousers will do as well as a dress shirt.  Many men’s clothing shops sell extras and used clothing that is not quite good enough to rent.  You might even get lucky and get a decent frock coat reasonably.  I have also bought tail coats at thrift shops very cheaply, so if you keep your options loose, you can put together a wardrobe cheaply.


Ladies check out some of the people on line selling Civil War clothing, a lot of items are very reasonable such as parasols and hats.  There are also old west and cowboy action shooter clothing dealers on line that have great things.  Think outside of the box.  Heck, go as a coastermonger, a washerwoman with a secret identity, a fine lady slumming.


Consider a badly damaged, ill fitting and non-matching suit with a battered hat and go as a street arab or thug or cracksman.  Everything is grist for the mill.  Look at some of the Victorian steel engravings of street people and you will get an idea.  You needn’t dress as a lord – consider going as a butler or footman.  The joy of Victorian costuming is the great diversity of possibilities out there.  I saw a post earlier about going as mughal potentate – magnificent idea, you need not go as a European.  Remember that Captain Nemo was a lord from an Indian state.

Don't let steampunk fall into a cog-filled cliche, reinvent yourself!

excellent input good sir (lady?)...excellent

You can call me "sir" but I have no title.  I see you live in Las Cruces, I lived in Alamogordo, NM for a number of years myself.  I went to a few Bubonicons and one convention in Las Cruces, whose name escapes me.  Well it was years ago.  Now I live on the Gulf Coast, I found the beaches at White Sands enjoyable, but hate to wait for the tide to come in.   New Mexico is a forgotten CSA state, uh territory, for most people, despite two battles being fought there.

i am from virginia beach originally...lived in corpus christi for nearly 30 years...unfortunately developed chronic bronchitis and had to move to the desert...propriety not title...:}


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