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STEAMPUNK SUPER HEROS? What does it take to be a steamy hero?

Greetings All Fellow Steampunk Fans. I have been gathering the bits and pieces of a outfit for a long time now. Those that know me have seen some of my sketches.. those that don't are welcome to go to my page and look though my photos gallery. I have a few sketches in there. Anyway... A Steampunk Super Hero. To date there is only one story that I know of that has a true hero as the main character and that is 'The Ghost of Manhattan'. What I would like input on is what must a true super hero have even just a plain old hero that has gadgets... lots of gadgets. Now personally I like Iron Man always have always will. Bat Man runs a close second. Why? Because they have such wonderful toys! Now I have loved Steampunk before it was Steampunk. Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Sir Author Conan Doyle are just a few of my favorite writers. I have also always loved super heroes. BUT... I never liked to copy someone else, I always wanted my own original character. 

Okay correction here. What I am most interested in is what gadgets must a human super hero have to be properly equipped?  I am not really interested in super powers per say but you are more than welcome to add your thoughts on the subject. This might make a great resource someday.

So with that said imagine if you will.... cause I have not finished the art work yet... A Steampunk Super HERO! (insert reverb and echo here).

Now before I tell everyone what I have in mind and what I have collected so far. I would like to hear what any of you kind souls have to say on the matter. So get you quill and ink out and start writing.... okay you can type it if you wish but that is way cheating cause they did not have that many type writers in the steampunk day.... Hey! wait one second there (meaning me) why the heck not! After all this is an alternative universe after all... so TYPE away or do as I do and TYPO away.

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Howdy follow steampunknauts... almost wrote that as nuts... well in my case that title would be true. Or as some would say I resemble that remark. Anyway, I wrote a long reply yesterday and wouldn't you know it I hit the wrong key and she was gone.... boo hoo. So I shall endeavor to recreate the lost greatness of my lost post.

Okay in the earliest remarks I said I favored a cowboy hat but does that really mean my super hero is a cowboy. After all Zero wore a cowboy hat abit a Mexican version of it and did it quite well... but he was not a cowboy was he... or was he just using what was common dress at the time and for his local.

Allow me to tell all of you a bit about my steampunk hero at least the one I have in mind...

What he wears... White collarless linen shirt well tailored (of course).

Black Vest made from spider silk three layers thick  and woven metal alloy mesh.

Tan, Brown or Black colored trousers knee length or full length. Depending on the boots but the preferred boots are knee high. Also reinforced with spider silk threads.

Black leather boots with hidden reinforcements in the following metal sole, toe, heel,. arch, and shin. Also has a spider silk inner lining.  And sheaths for throwing knives in the boots  (Possible hidden compartment in the heels like James West of the Wild Wild West TV show... but never will he put in explosives or acid in there. Just imagine stomping his foot once and BOOM or having his foot eaten off. Either way that would be bad and kind of put a dent in his super hero gig.)

Black leather belt with special buckle. (has hidden compartment and belt has removable spider silk cord (100 ft) hidden between the layers of leather. Belt buckle and belt can double as a zip line handle for silk cord in a pinch. (I know details details, you guys want details but a super hero has to have a few secrets.)

Brown oil skin duster also with 5 layers of spider silk as a liner and metal alloy plates on the back (hidden inside) to protect vitals organs and in front as well but this generally does not give as much protection unless the coat is buttoned up. The special oil used on this duster is flame resistant. The collar has a mesh of metal alloy and has special buttons (snaps) to attach a special armor (more on that later) and shoulders also have hidden plates. All plates are made like dragon scale armor as to maintain maximum flexibility.

And to top it all off is of course his hat. This hat is special as is has concealed inside is a retractable armored  face mask.

(and yes I do have a sketch of this part.)

Okay I am going to give away a bit more since I have gotten this far without losing it to the oppps key stroke.

He will have a Jet pack with wings.

And he wears black leather gloves the left is reinforced with metal parts, the right is strangely plain.

What wondrous weapons does he carry you might ask? Let me tell you........................... later. lol


Why thank you dear lady. Yes Spider Silk is very under rated... Did you know a strand of spider silk only one quarter inch around could stop dead a 747 going full speed. It's true, what was not mentioned in the article was what it would do to the jet or the anchor.. But one could imagine...."This is your Captain speaking we will be deploying the air break now..please put your head between your legs and kiss your... dairy : ) air good by."

I choose spider silk because it is many times stronger then steel even more so than normal silk. As for how I collect such large amounts of spider silk. That was an adventure in and of it self...Once upon a time... I traveled to another world....and yes I do have a time machine and it teleaports too! it is called  Trans Reality Alteration Navigation / Spacial / Chrono Displacement Device or T.R.A.N.S.C.D.D. for short. Also know as my pocket watch. Anyway I ended up on an inner earth world where they have giant spiders as transports. aka a spider mount very much like we uses horses. I endeavored to buy one or more of the spiders but could not find anyone to sell them to me... my loss and that adventure came to an end... I thought I would never find another source of spider silk like that but much to my astonishment I found a hidden cavern under the desert of Egypt... (it has far to much sand for any advanced culture if you ask me) inside this cave were giant spiders about the size of a St. Bernard dog. These creatures were far more aggressive than the one I had previously encountered. Lady Rachel and I managed to escape with our lives but we did pick up a friend. He is a previously unknown species of monkey who had been re-enginered to be smart enough to maintain the machines which kept the underground cavern liveable. We named him Tick-Tok and much to my delight he managed to escape with a bag of the spiders eggs. They eat them like a favored dish...but so do the spiders eat the monkeys like a favored dish. So now in and very tightly secured facility we have a factory that both breeds the spiders and harvest the silk. Very profitable for my company and allows me to have these wonderful and protective suits of armor.

Hey if I don't get more post I won't be able to have left you all in suspense. Was my story of spiders that scary?

hello all. unique discussion here. like most, i suppose i'd have to give 'gadgeteers' a definite thumbs up. that being said, the idea of a 'john carter' episode here on earth during the age of steam sounds like a great idea. heavy-worlders, psycho-kinectics and the such not only would be but, also could be quite plausible. personally though, having to fight off an army of 'frankenstein-like' automata or dark art risen forces with naught but my very specific skill set and a gadget or two of my own design/construction would be absolutely bully! later with the details of my 'education'.

Oh this discussion keep getting better and better!

I think a mystic time traveler, on a unique journey, to alter parts of the past! Oh, and BTW, your special "power" or unique quality is all produced from the pocket watch that dangles from your pin striped vest!  I make sultry, steamy steampunk jewelry, and the type that gets the most attention just happens to be the pocket watch....which I call "masterpiece in your pocket", if by chance you want one made, I do custom orders....since were both artist, we can create it together!  You draw a scene, I'll convert it into a 3d mini masterpiece! My favorite so far was "Alice in Wonderland" inspired, with flowers, gears, clocks, etc.  Then when the lights go out, one of the flowers come to life..IT GLOWS! You would never know it in a regular lit room.  If you would like to check out my work heres the link...

The name of the Line is Midnight Steam :) good luck with your costume, hope you post pics!

I must say your offer is quite intriguing. I do have ideas for my watch... but since temporal mechanics and spacial compression seem to be beyond most peoples understanding I feel my watch will have to wait. However I would love to have one that looks like what I have in mind.  But for the moment imagine you open the watches cover and inside you see a the crystal bezel which covers the crystal it self there are normal numbers 1 though 24 on this cover. you can see the hands through the hole in this cover. press a hidden stud and that bezel opens up to reveal another cover under that but this one reveals more of the crystal with more details on this cover concerning temporal travel. inside is revealed a rotating bezel which is adjusted by a knob pressing the button on this knob adjust the 3 different times. Year, month, day the with the primeary knob you set the time and press the button and off you go.

Then there is Spacial travel this is controlled by the third knob and button. press another hidden stud and the time bezel opens to reveal one more section of the watch. This reveals longitude and latitude setting. the third knob set these and the button sends you there.

The final bezel is opened by pressing the Space Bezel and twisting it, it opens to reveal the most detailed of the inner rings which by use of the Spacial and Temporal knobs allows the setting of your extra-reality travel coordinates.

sounds awesome!  if you get time, send me a picture, I'd love to see it!  And if you ever need a "prop" to hold you over just let me know.  We could make one that looks like the one you want on the outside, and a "still life' on the inside....I truly can't wait to see your full outfit!


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