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STEAMPUNK SUPER HEROS? What does it take to be a steamy hero?

Greetings All Fellow Steampunk Fans. I have been gathering the bits and pieces of a outfit for a long time now. Those that know me have seen some of my sketches.. those that don't are welcome to go to my page and look though my photos gallery. I have a few sketches in there. Anyway... A Steampunk Super Hero. To date there is only one story that I know of that has a true hero as the main character and that is 'The Ghost of Manhattan'. What I would like input on is what must a true super hero have even just a plain old hero that has gadgets... lots of gadgets. Now personally I like Iron Man always have always will. Bat Man runs a close second. Why? Because they have such wonderful toys! Now I have loved Steampunk before it was Steampunk. Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Sir Author Conan Doyle are just a few of my favorite writers. I have also always loved super heroes. BUT... I never liked to copy someone else, I always wanted my own original character. 

Okay correction here. What I am most interested in is what gadgets must a human super hero have to be properly equipped?  I am not really interested in super powers per say but you are more than welcome to add your thoughts on the subject. This might make a great resource someday.

So with that said imagine if you will.... cause I have not finished the art work yet... A Steampunk Super HERO! (insert reverb and echo here).

Now before I tell everyone what I have in mind and what I have collected so far. I would like to hear what any of you kind souls have to say on the matter. So get you quill and ink out and start writing.... okay you can type it if you wish but that is way cheating cause they did not have that many type writers in the steampunk day.... Hey! wait one second there (meaning me) why the heck not! After all this is an alternative universe after all... so TYPE away or do as I do and TYPO away.

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I've been working on just such a character for quite some time for my steampunk novel. Basically, just a highly-trained human with no special powers. Ebon Black is the name he goes by. He is a Secret Service agent for Emperor Norton & the confederation of governments of a highly Balkanized North America. The Secret Service he works for is in fact illegal under the rather Libertarian-styled laws of the Confederation, so his true identity has to be protected. In fact, he is the alter ego of my novel's lead character.

Ebon Black, as a character, is based almost equally on The Shadow, Zorro, the Lone Ranger, Batman, and James West - with a little bit of James Bond thrown in for spice. As a person, he is somewhat different from those archetypes, with his own personality and character traits.

His base is usually a Confederation airship or the secret service training compound. In an age when airships dominate, he sometimes uses a small fixed-wing aircraft of experimental design. Also available to him are a number of different steam-powered land vehicles, horses, boats, etc. All of his equipment is provided by the Secret Service, as was his training. That equipment includes a modified design Le Mat pistol, a short sword, a whip, folding grappling hook, etc. His costume has a layer of material somewhat like our modern Kevlar.

There is a long and involved back-story for both he and his alter ego. One of the ways he protects his secrets is a rumor that he is not a living man, but a reanimated corpse - A zombie provided by a Voodoo Queen in New Orleans in exchange for a pardon for her "crimes."

As a member of an illegal service, if he is captured by any agency of the legitimate governments of the Confederation, he can be executed without trial if they deem it necessary.

I've built up a complete world for him to play in. I try very hard to stay within the rules of that world. It's a lot of fun, when it works.

If you could Steampunk this Spaghetti Western gettup by hiding your weapon on your arm underneath the poncho, but pa leeeze find a way to keep the chaps, spurs and low-slung gunbelt cos that's just sex ayyy.

Clint Eastwood didn't wear chaps in this movie but he sure did wear skinny jeans before they became And he always had the best oneliners.

 My mistake! Four

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Wally, These Spaghetti Westerns are my all time favs! I cannot think of a better pairing than ole classmates director Sergio Leone and music genius Ennio Morricone! I have the whole collection AND the soundtracks. I play the soundtrack atleast once per week... I crank it up and it helps me bounce around and get my housework completed! =D

I have had this very same idea. Now that I know others have succumbed to the very same delusions I am wondering if we should begin discussions for a league of heroes. Just a thought.

As to suggestions for you, I noticed in your sketches that you plan to have a mechanical arm. Mayhaps you should add a bolo launcher to it in some way. That would give you an easy way to bring wrong-doers in alive when the need arises.

Gabriel it is truly amazing how great minds can think alike. Even though that sketch of the machinal arm was an early draft. I am currently working on a design for a bolo launcher.

Then I shall have to put on my extra special thinking cap and come up with another suggestion or two.

Zack, I think you are correct, you are represented amongst these Super Heros, but you are much more rottenly handsome then the example in this pic. Unlike the green man, you do not have the features of Neandrothal prominent brow ridge, you little stinker. However I am not represented among them at all, unless you see any tail peeking out and I'm not talkin Dazy Dukes either. ahh hahaha

*Daisy Dukes*

  • gas/gun powder powered grappling hooks
  • suction cup gloves
  • a static electricity generator back pack,  similar to the amazing photos posted by steampunker the other day, with outlets in the gloves, delivering a powerful shock on contact. Your flat palm punch would look like it hurls the person across the room! (well out of my pack light comment earlier, but how cool)
  • the utility knife suggested by Ms Panthea would need a glass cutter of some sort

remember he needs to be swift and light. I Am always amazed batman swings through the roof tops and lands as silently as a cat, yet has a gadget for every eventuality. Gotta love fiction! And Wally says super powers are not explained! BTW i live to read comics, so don't see these comments as a rebuff against your own characters or favorite fiction friends.

oh so many more, now i am dreaming them, they will flow fast and free

oh oh, acid vial for melting locks.

I should tell Arnavaz about your glass cutter idea. I'm sure she'd find a way to work it into the gameplay. lol

where's the sherriff badge?

Rrrrtttt  Rrrrllllll  .....  ahhhh there it is! The low-slung gunbelt that I find so sex ayyy!  woo hoo ;-)


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