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Everyone I spoke with had a fabulous time at the Symposium this weekend. Many thanks to Aloysius Fox and his amazing hard working team for pulling it off so well!

I would love to see everyone's pictures. There were so many simultaneous goings on that no one person could take it all in. Please share the link to your Steampunk Empire page, Facebook album, Tumblr, Flikr, blog, LiveJournal, or other aether-net site you may have posted them to.

For those viewing photos, please be courteous and don't copy them for republication without permission from the photographer.

Here is my meager offering to kick things off. (I'm terrible at remembering to snap photos!)

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Sounds most tempting! You'll be the most popular Gentleman in a ten mile radius if word gets out.

Thank you for sharing everyone!

I was unable to attend due to academic work load, pity too, it looks like it was fun. Maybe next year.

Oh! Just spotted this discussion! Here are a few of the photos I took at the Symposium. :)

You have a good eye!  Thank you for sharing these with us.

Here's to this year's....

Can't wait till next year's!

* Sam Sprocket

Excellent photo album, Mr. Sprocket.  Thanks for the link!


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