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Everyone I spoke with had a fabulous time at the Symposium this weekend. Many thanks to Aloysius Fox and his amazing hard working team for pulling it off so well!

I would love to see everyone's pictures. There were so many simultaneous goings on that no one person could take it all in. Please share the link to your Steampunk Empire page, Facebook album, Tumblr, Flikr, blog, LiveJournal, or other aether-net site you may have posted them to.

For those viewing photos, please be courteous and don't copy them for republication without permission from the photographer.

Here is my meager offering to kick things off. (I'm terrible at remembering to snap photos!)

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I hope this gentleman does not mind me linking to his facebook page, however Mr. Green's pictures are just too fabulous not to share!

The headshots and portraits are really excellent. He is clearly a talented photographer with a good eye for contrast and visual interest.

My  apologizes, he must have changed the album settings to private...

Thank you for the varsity try, Lady Harvey. Perhaps you could use your feminine powers of persuasion to coax Mr. Green into make that album public? It would be a nice addition to the gallery here.

Sincerest appreciations for your posts! It was lovely to see so many faces that I miss already. I will try to post an album soon from the symposium which you will be welcome to link to here if you wish.

We'd love to peruse your album, Mistress Molly. Please share the link here when it's posted. I know there are a lot of albums floating around and thought it would be nice to have a one stop viewing platform for them all.

I'm so happy someone posted pictures. I had my camera and did not take a single picture all weekend.

I understand completely, Ms. Doyle! The few pictures we came away with were only because my Peripheral Accomplice, (my shy husband), managed to snap a few with his phone.

I feel the same way -- I forgot my camera as usual. If I ever manage to remember to bring a camera to a con, it will probably be a sign of impending apocalypse.

I just finished putting together a video, if it's all the same.



Oh, this was fabulous! A perfect way for those of us who missed some of the events to see what we missed. :)

You can also see me and my face nearly getting well acquainted with the underbelly of the Airships during the races. Thank you so much for sharing, dear. :)

Thank you for sharing. Truely splendid!


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