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Some of the lovelies in the network chat and I were considering opening a steampunk themed restaurant/cafe. Well here are some issues and we'd love help on this as well.

1. Where do we put it?
2. What do we name it?
3. What kinds of foods would you like in such a restaurant?

We'd love to hear your opinions.


Eden Burnes (airship mechanic)
Suzy Q - The Scarlett Seamstress
sir Danny (sub engineer)
sgt. ian macbruiche

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I think a Steampunk themed restaurant would be lovely! NYC, LA, San Fran, Seattle are a few places that may be good.

As for the food, keep it simple. As long as the chef is excellent, the food will be too. Why not London pub food. Pair that with a well stocked bar (with a mixologist) and an excellent selection of teas, and you can't go wrong. Cocktail bars are all the rage and you don't see alot of tea emporiums. Of course, I believe every good restaurant needs a few stellar desserts. I know people who will just go out for a good drink and a devilishly delicious dessert!!

As for a name, perhaps something like The Airship Cafe or just plain Steam.

I will admit to being a foodie and wine lover, but I have no personal experience with opening a restaurant. I wish you good well! May your endeavors be blessed. (and full of steam!!)

My dear Madame if I may be permitted to provide some insight.

I daresay such a restaurant would be absolutely magnificent. A wonder of the modern world.

As to where to open such an establishment perhaps a much-renowned population center?

I know not where it is you are located, however Boston or perhaps New York springs to mind. Or perhaps some place unmentioned which boasts a large steam populace.

As to names, such possibilities are endless.

The Brass Goggles, though that strikes me as a horribly cliched entitlement.

My point being the names which one might christen such a place are many and varied.

On the subject of your final inquiry I must confess I am something of a culinary flop and as such can offer little insight into a proposed menu.

On another topic entirely, my private airship is horribly damaged from a bout with some damnable pirates. Any thoughts?

Dr. Sebastion,

It depends on where and what is damaged and which type of airship you own. Unfortunately I wouldn't know what ought be fixed unless I were to look at your ship for you.

1. Laramie, WY(ok, maybe not)

2. Name it something old fashioned like "Burnes and Macbruiches eatery"

3. Classic british food with a twist, like bangers and mash (example: meat pies and cucumber and tomato and cream cheese sandwhcihes etc.

Also- Make it a used book store as well and have coffee and a wide selection of tea. I think a cafe environment would be more successful, but that's just me.

Oh yes, and I would suggest (if you have the funds) hanging a large weather balloon or multiple weather balloons covered in cloth above the restaurant with the name of the restaurant on it.

I daresay Bartholomew Coggenstein's Gastronomic Emporium has quite a ring to it.

I concur.

My 11 year old son says that opening a steampunk restaurant is what he wants to do when he grows up. He's now even talking about taking hotel and restaurant management classes in college someday. 

I'm also his language arts teacher and recently had my students write to their future selves. My son's letter is the last one on this blog post:

He has a friend who wants to run a museum, so the plan is to put the restaurant in the museum.

I know that tea time will be part of the menu.

If I may say so your son is lucky to have such a mother as yourself.

I wish my mother was as much into the sort of things I am. It would be quite an experience to have a mother as

into steampunk as I am.   Needless to say she's less than approving.

"why don't you live in the present instead of dreaming about the past" and the like.

Honestly, Its quite an unfortunate circumstance.

Tell her, "it is not the past nor the present but a re-imagining of the future". I know that wont help though. Luckily my mother approves of the steampunk stuff, but not of anime/manga. I don't know why. She and my father think its stupid I guess, as I used to. They haven't watched Tiger and Bunny though! 


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