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I love's in my nature as a seamstress. I am wondering if any of you may have suggestions as to where I could find supplies for my creations? I'm looking for fabrics, trinkets, feathers, hats, lace, notions, and other pieces of the unique nature...fairly inexpensive would be lovely.

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Thank you my dear Mr. Blackrose! And a side note, I have your post ready for mailing tomorrow morning. Sorry for the delay, I was under educational lock down.

I know this is obvious and that you know this and that everyone knows this and that I know this but i'm going to say it anyway.


I have a new website and part of my line is objects for steampunk makers. Check out the Found Parts page at

It sounds like you're looking for girly stuff, and I don't have any of that, but you might be surprised.

Girly Stuff is in the eye of the beholder.

I think it's how anyone combines objects, shapes and colors that defines their art ... girl or not. Will check out your website.

Cool stuff Bruce.  Nice prices too.

I find small colorful feathers in the flowers and stems dept's of michaels and hobby lobby.  they have a lot of nice things.  Also they have cog and gear kits as well as empty watch fobs and such in the notions and scrapbooking sections. 

A lot of good stuff in the jewlery dept too.  As long as your looking for asthetics not functionality you can get a ton of stuff on a budget.  Yard sales are not too great for stuff, but your local salvation army and good will usually have more than enough retro things that arent hip enough to make the rec shops but with a few tweeks become victorian.

Old curtans often have great patterns for victoran look but be careful that they arent rubber backed or you will sweat your life away.  


Keep an eye/ear out for craigslist ads - sometimes people use them to clean out their stashes.  I've found many, many piles of great things that people just want to get rid of. It takes a little leg work to go look at things, but it can be very worth it.

Thank you all for the great suggestions. I am already finding incredible deals! I more or less get the urge just to create things whether it's clothing or accessories or art...all requiring goods beyond your local craft store.

My new favorite place to shop is They have some really great pieces that can be changes or morphed into wonderful new pieces. Watch the shipping, sometimes its a little ridiculous, but there are thousands of items to look through.

I didn't know this existed!!! I am in LOVE with this site, especially since Rhode Island does not have a Goodwill.

I found out about it a couple weeks ago and have been bidding on things like mad. I have had a steady stream of boxes arriving for almost 2 weeks now.

You might also check out  You'll need to register and specify your search area.  Everything listed on the site must be free for the taking.  It takes some legwork and a bit of luck but there are some great finds to be had.


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