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So...Tomarrow (in the world of reality) I'm moving to 3rd shift at work.  That means that I need to say up all night, some how.  Well...Since my chat only works about half the time...I thought...why not just create a forum for people that want to chat for a while, but their chat hates them as much as mine does.  So here it is.  I don't care what we talk about...let's just hang out together. :)

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A man, looking about in his younger 20s, walked into this strange establishment. He flipped off his hat and took at seat at the table.

"Might there be something to drink?" he asked.

(Might as well make this a roleplay :P)

(I am so BEYOND Okay with this! :D)


Emila Blake walks out from the kitchen area.  Her blonde hair is pinned up under a dark blue hat, but several ringlet curls escape.  She is dressed in one of her best tea time dresses and is carrying a matching fan.  Behind her, a young woman fallows, carrying a silver tray that is loaded down with a fine china set.  For a moment, Emila hesitates and thinks about asking the maid if she could help her.  Then, Emila remembers that she is no longer a servent and it wouldn't be proper for a lady to assist the help, at a social event. 

Emila sits down, gracefully and smiles.  "I do hope you enjoy lavender tea."

"Lavender tea? My lady, I must say, lavender tea is quite a rarity from where I call home," he admitted to the lady and her maid, giving them a quick glance over before removing his gloves (customary at his home) and setting them to the side with his hat.

"But a spot of tea would be just fantastic."

Emila smiles again and waves the maid over.  As the maid pours a couple of cups, Emila says, "Oh it's wonderful.  The flavor is not to strong and I think it goes well with just a bit of honey."  She then spoons a couple spoonfulls of honey into her own cup.  She starts looking around nerviously and tries to quickly think up a topic of conversation.  "So, tell me of yourself, Mr...?"

"Craym. Phillip Craym, if you prefer first names, my lady. And what might I call you?" He gratefully accepted his cup of tea and sipped it, taking note of the subtle flavors in the tea itself. "This hits the spot."

She blushed slightly.  "Emila Blake...or Emma, if you like."  She opened her fan and pretened to fan herself, as she tried to hide the flush of her cheeks.  "What do you do, Mr. Craym...err...Phillip?"

"Ah! My lady, have you not heard of my mentor, Professor Ashwyn Craym? He's a professor of psychic research at the university in the capitol city. I am his understudy, soon to become a professor in my own right." He took another sip of his tea. "And you, Lady Emma?"

Her green eyes brightned.  "Psychic Research?  How exciting that must be.  I myself have always had a great intrest in the paranormal studies...."  She looked like she wanted to say more, but realised that she was letting herself get carried away.  She shifted in her seat, corrected her posture and tried to remember to act the way a lady should.  "I am just back from finishing school.  My adopted parents have made sure that I had a proper education, however I'm not quite sure what to do with it just yet."  She let out a little giggle.

Phillip shrugged. "It's a lot of looking over musty tomes and paperwork. Not a lot of psychic powers, I'm afraid, though everyone who is in psychic research is psychic. It makes for some interesting inventions, I must admit." He sipped his tea again. "But it was an university rules that I needed a mentor, even though I am more for field research, looking into old ruins and studying various other cultures that share our powers. The field research - that's very rewarding, Lady Emma." He looked through his shirt pocket and pulled out a leather-bound notebook, just small enough for said pocket.

Remembering that her own tea was starting to turn cold, she took a long sip.  The notebook catches her attention, but she does her best to keep herself from getting to worked up again.  She brushes a curl back from her face.  "Feild research, you say?  That sounds interesting and like a great bit of traveling."

"As I've already stated, my lady, the field research is the most rewarding part of these endeavors." His tea was cold as well, but he continued sipping it, as a gentlemen should. "Why, the tribes are some of the most interesting work I have had the chance to accomplish."


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