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In the spirit of the season, The Clockwork Dolls is announcing the release of every single instrumental to come out of the studio packaged into one sweet deal. FOR A VERY SWEET PRICE! That's right... FREE.

Until January of 2012.. then POOF... no more. So download while you have the chance and share the love. 

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Hmmmm this is growing on me. I don't know if I could take a whole concert of instrumental songs but this would be up my alley.


Harpsicords! Oh hells yes.

Well by all means you are welcome to try out some vocal tracks streaming live on our steampunk empire page!

Although I love the vocals in your music, I have greatly enjoyed listening to these instrumental jewels. I especially love the use of harpsichord, and the subtle "gearshifting" that goes on with the tempo. The sense of textural timbre is exquisite in the right places. Thank you, Clockwork Dolls, for your generosity.


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