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Here we are, happily dawdling in our fantastical and generally wondeful victorian Steampunk ways, but has anyone given any thought to the future?  We know in this guture that Steam power is not the best for the enviroment, so what would become of our teampunk personas in a Steampunk future in which the past has been run on steam?

What would a future as a Steam powered world hold?  What new discoveries would befall us?  What would we do if something went wrong with our planet?

I shall let you, and your personas, pick up the pieces of this query and decide for yourselves what comes after the victorian Steampunk.

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Right there with you SD!  


Anyway, Steampunk is not Victorian. It is a contemporary movement, for contemporary minds.

It is not about the technology, it is about the people.

Hear hear Dude :)

Um... Dieselpunk?

LOL, actually no. This was a debate I had elsewhere. Steampunk will suppose Steam power. Some might shift to Diesel power, but it is unlikely to become Dieselpunk (see the Leviathan series, although it isn't really Steampunk but Dieselpunk to begin with).

I didn't think it would, but he was asking what, in the imaginary world of steampunk, would the future be like. I think technicly it would evolve to dieselpunk. Maybe that's what you meant too, but IDK. Or maybe the "Silly little Child" meant something different.

Sadly every generation witnesses the death of their tech =(

silly little child, steampunk is and always will be based on steam powered everything. Maybe the future will entail a new anti-pollutant steam that will help the environment!



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