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The Steam Lounge - Steampunk radio show from the Northeast!

Greetings and good evening, Steampunks!  I am running a radio show, The Steam Lounge.  The Steam Lounge goes live at 11pm - 12 am on Wednesday nights, so I need to know if anyone
can be at Rider University at said time.  If you have requests, please hit me up here or at my e-mail address or log in here while I air and I'll take your requests in the chat!

The show is on radio station 107.7 The Bronc which, as I believe, only broadcasts to Central New Jersey, but you can stream it live from our website at!  I am going to be recording my show and creating a site to obtain said podcasts this weekend!  I look forward to having you as listeners!   : D !

- Professor Ezekiel Erynomos LeFaye

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i will give it a listen asap! sounds interesting
Thanks! I missed the opportunity for the first show, but I am going to be recording these and posting them as podcasts. More on that as it develops. Also, I need to expand my Steampunk library. I'll post the bands I have - or am working on - on this discussion. Should you have ones to add, list 'em and I'll add them : ). Help me make this a great show fellow 'punkers!
I hope I remember to catch this tonight. I have no idea what steampunk music would sound like, but I hope it has a lot of record player scratchy background noise to it, whatever it is.

I used to make music electronically. I had a few music making programs that I was quite proficient with. That hard drive has made its journey to Elesium, maybe I should pick up some more software and bang away some genre appropriate cacophony?
PS- as an ameteur musician on REAL instruments, don't mistake what I do electronically as 'skill', any shaved ape could do it. I am merely announcing a familiarity with the process.


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