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Hello everyone,
The Templar is an airship created to explore and trade goods and be safe along the way. It needs a good crew and all are welcome.

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 Darcy joins her brother in the front of the Zeppelin where he is talking to some of his men. He looks up when she enters and smiles a little but his eyes look worried. 

 "A slave ship, eh?" he asks. 

 One of the men nod his head. "Not far in front of us, Captain."

David rubs his chin. "If we were to stop it, we might get a good reward for it," he says thoughtfully. 

 Darcy isn't sure of her brother's intentions but feels a small bit of relief in hearing he is at least wanting to help free slaves. 


After the demi-lich had made short work of the crew of the ship, Vajra walked through the vessel with her arms out, whispering softly into the aether with arms out as Pale energy flowed into the crew-mates' bodies. As the lifeless lumps slowly began to stir and rise up to stand once more, Vajra turned around to face them from her new position at the bridge of the ship.

"You were all found guilty of crimes against humanity and summarily sentenced to reanimation. Your task is to operate this ship in accordance with my wishes. That is all. The Balance Prevails."

The deathless before her bow and repeat those last three words before returning to their stations.

"Now, Girl with Dragon Tattoo, join me at the bridge. I'd love to have a witness to these events with me in the event that we meet someone who might be willing to help us."


"Emma, do you read me? We're ready to pick you up!" Preston shouts through the transmitter, Loco standing by at the helm controls.

"Yes, um, of course." Thess gazed around at the reanimated crew not entirely sure she wished to be caught alone in a room with any of them. She shivered and followed Vajra to the bridge. The reference to her tattoo caused her to instinctively pull her shirt closed at the neck to cover it up.

"My Lady, I would be ever so grateful if I could learn the name of my rescuer. I am Thessalonica Jones, daughter of Sir Theodore and Lady Evangelina Johanasson. I want to thank-you for releasing me from my captors. I am a scientist of sorts, I study people, I do not believe in all my field research I have met a woman such as you, may I ask what is the name of your order?"

She extended a small pale hand toward Vajra, it shook a bit no matter how she tried to make it still. To try to compensate for her shakey nerves she tried to fill the smile she now shot up at the woman with as much geniune friendliness as she could muster. The brief contact she had had with the woman had given her the impression that the woman was honorable and meant her no harm. Even with the bracelet on the woman's spirit was so strong Thess could still feel certain tidbits of information through her touch. There was something about the woman that Thess couldn't put her finger on, but she found herself trusting the woman faster than she had time to realize it herself.

Vajra bows politely to her, the nails of her fleshy right hand painted black as well as all of her toes, stuck wearing only what the slavers gave her: rags for a shirt and pair of shorts. She gently took the girl's hand and delicately kissed the back of it with her still-painted-yet-faded black lips. "I look like a mess but I'm still going to be polite. I am Pale Mistress Vajra Natracarde, Wizard and Guardian of the Pale Balance: High Court Magus, Chief Ambassador, Chief Scientific Advisor, Vice-Regis to Queen Aura Vensarra of the Kingdom of Del'Amarta, Island of Delanthus, and four-hundred sixty-third incarnation of the Pale. But please, just call me Vajra." she says as if she had said that many times at numerous royal functions, being forced to grease the social wheels of government while floating from one group of nattering dignitaries to the other.

"Be not afraid of the deathless who surround you. They are enduring their punishment for crimes against the Balance. 'For those who have thus taken by force the freedom of the innocent, their redemption lies in the form of a Deathless Perfection, their flesh transfigured to serve the Pale,' Biblios Dios Necromantica Risigno, Book of Law, Quatrain 501. . . Oh Blessed Pale, I haven't quoted the Biblios in quite some time, not since I was out doing my adventures with my late husband John Hunter. . .", she realizes she's talking excessively again, shaking her head a bit. "Never mind that. We have readings of a ship in the distance. . . It appears to be a freighter, but I'm not sure, as I have no experience in such matters. Is it familiar to you, Thess?"

"Yes, we're here, Preston," Emma replies into the transmitter. She glances worriedly at Briar. The girl hasn't said a word since she has found that trinket in her pocket. She puts her hand on Briar's shoulder and holds the transmitter in her other hand, waiting for the Templar to arrive.

(-Preston Scott-)

The ship eventually sets down and a gangway opens to the people below. The speakers come to life with Preston's voice. "We caught wind of a ship in the vicinity, and we're establishing contact with it. Emma, sickbay's fully stocked and ready for your expert hands. If you need any extra work space feel free to use Engineering or the mech bay at least until Colin gets back on board."

After they all get back on board, Preston walks up to Emma and takes off his hat, unsure if she's still angry at him, but speaking to her, offering a sincere apology for being so reactionary at their last encounter.

"I know I've said dumb thing before and this is no different, I hope we can put it behind us in the hope of finding Darcy, Emma." he says, eager to get past their temporary difference.

"It is an honor to meet you, Vajra." Thess curtsied gracefully," I wish I could say I have experience in those matters, but, alas, I have always been a mere passenger and never visited the bridge before. My expertise lies mostly in books and field research concerning illnesses of the mind and people's behaviour in the context of their social groups. However, and you may have surmised this already, I am able to sense other's energy, their thoughts, most of the time I must be close, but sometimes if they are particularly strong I can pick up on them from further distances. Perhaps, I can determine whether they are friend or foe if we get close enough. Would that help?"

She glanced up at the woman apologetically. She had never just freely offered information about her abilities before. They were something she had had to keep secret for so many years. But, now she just wanted to offer Vajra some sort of assistance.

Emma bites her lower lip pensively. She desperately wants to put that argument behind them and find Darcy, but Preston's comment has shown her a different side of his personality she has not been aware of before. She feels she desrves an explanation, but now is not the time, and she just nods.

"Alright," she says absently as she tries to concentrate on the situation at hand, which makes her remember something he has said that she should probably mention. "Preston, do you have reason to believe I will need extra work space? Are we expecting so many injuries that the beds we have in sickbay won't suffice? Are you convinced an attack is inevitable?"

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locoscribe sped the ship towards the dot, the dot slowly turned into a detail-less patch. once the patch saw them, it fired. loco swerved, snaking forward. the ship ahead turned to its port side, opening fire. the gunnery decks mixing with the slave decks. the slaves were probably shouting at the gunners. "knew it would be a slave ship."

(i hope thats what pres was thinking...)

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James had traviled on foot for quite awhile at this point, and is ears having perked up at the sound of distent gun fire. moving toward the noise of battle every so often turning on the small wirless teligraph transmitter giving a constant S.O.S call. *


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