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hey. I've noticed there are allot of common themes on this website, like groups being organised as 'Airships' and common references to spice, Aether ect. I was wondering if there is some work of fiction this is based on? I can't really say i know much about steampunk fiction outside computer games (Arcanum, Thief ii ect).

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I don't think there is one set of terms used by all. Its more of a mash of terms from books, games, and imaginations. I think words are used because of how they sound in context and because of what Steampunk terms doable. In the fantasy that is Steampunk, airships and such are totally believable and so would be words that are used in every day language.


Plus they just sound cool.

Not all groups are Airships. Never heard of spice outside of Star Wars and Dune.

i saw quite a few airships described as spice traders, and yeah thought of Dune straight away.

Spice smuggling makes good sense. Spices can be high-value, low-density luxury goods. As such, they don't weigh down an airship the way smuggling cloth would. Tariff duties are often high on luxury items, thus providing an incentive for enterprizing individuals to explore alternate methods of importation.

yeah good point, might have to get in on this spice business, times being hard n' all.

I can't speak for other Airships, but in addition to the good points made by Dr. Fidelius part of what determined the the role of my ship "The Osprey Grey" is that members of the crew including myself actually work in the spice trade. The knowledge and comfort with the subject add a realism to the persona with very little effort or planning.

I must have missed the spice memo. When I get going, I can use a very archaic vocabulary that I have developed over many years of reading old novels. Airships are not part of my playscape.

I prefer to stay grounded as well. Though the introduction of drugs to my idea of steampunk play would be interesting, drugs being weaponized sounds way more appealing to me.

You're going to get some references and not others, but steam folk are always happy to explain ... or even expound.

Learning about other folks' cultural touchstones will give you lots of new areas to explore at your choice of time and place.

Myself, living in the only home in America without cable (statistical source: my daughter, the drama queen), I have never seen a Dr. Who episode. So I haven't the foggiest what a Tardis might be. Doesn't keep me from enjoying the look when they trundle by at cons! And I look forward to enjoying the whole genre when I get time.

Despite the fact that I write Steampunk, my knowledge of all different worlds and technologies is far from exhaustive. I think it'd take a long time to understand everyone's references. Dont worry about it. As someone has already said, the beauty of Steampunks is that we're all very polite and look out for each other. You'll find someone helpful everytime you need it :)

YEAH so p*** off with your stupid questions-the answers are secret anyways! (that's steampunk ALWAYS being polite and looking out for you!)

There are no constants in steampunk, nor universal definitions (though someone could arguably define "troll" after my post :P)  There is no "one defining piece" nor WILL there be as long as I sail the skies, prowl the Aether and lead my steamy troopers on a never ending crusade of alternative history conquest and baked goods!

Now slap a cog on it and call it done!

love and kisses

Major Girth

IAAC Commanding

That's what I like about Steampunk, Major. We each live in our own worlds, but we're all in it together. 


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