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Hey guys so I'm going to make a shop soonish (hopefully) and I have plenty of idea's for things to make for girls, but mostly do to the fact that i'm not a boy I have almost no idea's for things for guys.

Soo I was really hoping you guys of the empire would tell me what you would like to see as accessories as well as clothing and other random things

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oh and i don't want to do the generic add a gear and it's steampunk i'm going to hand make everything so keep that in mind
Cravat pins, hat bands, cuff links, none "dainty" jewelry, vests (always need more options in vests), pocket watch fobs, shoulder boards/epaulets.......I could fill a page with suggestions!

I'm not a guy, but I frequently shop for my male other-half so I'm always on the look-out for men's steampunk items. Things I've bought for my partner in the past include: shirts, jackets, waistcoats, braces (suspenders), watches (wrist and pocket), a jabot and a cravat.


Items I would buy in the future include: trousers, top-hats, bowlers, socks, belts, messenger bags, goggles, boots, spats, a monocle and rings.


Non-clothing items that I'd consider buying are desk accessories, business-card holder, books, globes.

Trousers, Formal wear, gloves, belt pouches, straight razor sheath, flask holder, and medals.

Guys want Vests. When I go to a steampunk store online, I want to see vests, hats, eyewear, and recently it was boots. Another thing that is important is sports coats and the like. Alot of places have pants; I, as a guy, do not give a crap about ordering pants online. We're guys... we can find slacks that work.


Canes, too. Alot of shops have parasols for girls, well Canes are for guys. Also, weapons. Can NEVER go wrong with weapons.


Hope this helps.

Definately trousers, there's not enough trousers that holler steampunk. Blacksmithing aprons, trousers, coats and pants  with pockets many many pockets, yes vests and definately a variety of head wear. Such as train conductor, engineer, newsies, military, and bowlers. I tire of seeing a sea of tophats with unusable goggles. Stripes are always a good one and suspenders, not too many suspenders rolling around, trousers with built in suspenders, coats, shirts, and vests with tool pouches attached. Backpacks, and I could probaply go on all day with out saying anything that actually helps.





Tool pouchs


Earth tones

Buttons, Many Many buttons, Brass, Copper

Frayed Leather


alot of pants requests interesting vests were something on the list of idea's I did have you guys are being helpful. I don't think i'm going to make wepons mostly cause alot of people already do. Keep the ideas coming and I know i've already said this they are super helpful.
HATS! That's what I always have the biggest challenge finding.  Also, Big & Tall stuff. I have to make most of my crews items because they're all a bunch of gorillas.
I think Engineer style boots. I have the hardest time finding a decent pair. Also bracers (If you do leather at all) and Respirators. Hats (Bowler, Top Hats, pilot hats, etc). and of course Vests and Cravats
You know what might be nice? Interchangable cuffs, and/or cuff links for those dressier occassions when a fellow might want to express himself despite the stuffier occasions, or when preening to gain the fancy of a pretty lady. While a lot of people prefer the pocket watch variety perhaps there are those that might be interested in wrist watches that also express their interests or styles. Such as for occassions when they cannot bring their pocketwatch or just simply might enjoy a wrist watch more. Could always do random little bits, like book ends for any readers out there, or even come up with decals or patches. For those who wish to share a little more of their interests and personalities with the world on the go. It appears my fiance has already gone on and on about things he'd enjoy seeing in the way of clothing. However, I also know him to be very interested in accessories such as phone cases, or hair wraps. ][ It's the Romanian in him I think.. XD ][ He's also a collector of intricate rings and interesting chains. He's very much into motorcycles and hangs around a shop for most of the day. It seems to be a popular interest with many of the steampunk men - perhaps you should look into clothing or accessories for the motorist enthusiast as well?
Ill try to take some pictures of the top hat pattern i use.  I sell them but im a fan of healthy competition.  Besides the more of us making things means the market is better and people dont get discouraged trying to find items.

can't go wrong with belt pouches


otherwise, toolbelts, boots, canes, heavy looking gloves, medals, those shoulder boards, bowlers, never see enough bowlers, it's always tophats half the time, and make some f them large, some of us have big heads not all hats fit,

non-wearables, probably bookends, assorted devices tat at least look cool on a shelf even if the don't nessicerily do much, extra points if they do do something, globes, old looking maps, chematics to airships, preserved creatures in jars, idols to cthulhu


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