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Being as I'm new here and as much as I sometimes like to rock the airship, I'm not looking to offend anyone at the moment so.... What are the rules for getting or gaining oneself a Title... Here in my little part of the world I a shps Captian but I dont want to just throw it out there if there is some kind of protical. One doesn't just ride the winds into a place and proclame oneself Captian So-and-so of the good ship here-and-there....


thanks for the input



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Thank you Mister Wally H interisting Slippers

A title can be given to oneself under any form of circumstances. Why my own title was given to me in my short-lived time travelling days y Queen Victoria herself. Of course I would never dare to visit again, for it involves a large shipment of bananas. 

D'ye mean "stoat"? Methinks I saw something furry dash behind you.

To be a proper Steampunk Captain™ one must first obtain their airship pilots license (this goes without saying of course!) Then one must enroll oneself in "Her Majesty's Royal Airship Captain Training School" or "HMRACTS " for short. After a rigourous four year training which involves all sorts of intense instructional courses, from "How to Tie a Proper Ascot" to "Pugilism with Octopi" to "Gears: Their Many Uses" one is endowed with the illustrious title of Captain (of course, there is alot of paperwork and bureaucracy involved, so your diploma might take awhile to arrive, but worry not, with the sheer number of Captains wandering about the Empire, one imagines it cannot be that difficult to obtain said title.)

I'm afraid my short time in the military didn't end well. something to do with my inability to keep my mouth shut in the face of unfair treatment of the lower ranks, oh and that unfortunate incident with a commanders niece....I admit not as impressive as traveling with the queen which I'd love to hear about sometime, and fairly typical of young men. I've since fought my way to the top of the "food chain" so to speak. And I believe my title of Captain is something more a kin to an honorific.

The World of Steampunk is still a playground for the imagination, (and long may it so live!), and you can play any character you think you are capable of pulling off. There has been one boundary voiced that I agree with. Please don't wear any active military medal that one has not earned in real life. If you want some "bling", there are plenty of vendors providing fantastic medals, for fantastic achievements, in fantastic worlds, or better yet, create one yourself.

 Interesting point I'd not that considered, and I to agree with you. thank you. I'm very glad to see the Empire is so far a wonderfully open collection of people.

Well I for one received my Doctorate from her magesties University of Aetheric Studies in Bristol. A fine alma mata.

Dr. Teal's Doctorates are in Pseudo-Science and Revisionist History. He does have an airship, and a license to pilot it. -Just like the guys at your local airfield that fly Cesnas. The "Kestrel" is a a small, domestic airship, bodged together from an old Stolwerke Chocolate airbag, and a really fine Italian made gondola, gotten from the local airship knackers yard. It has taken he and Iphie to Tuscany, the Mid-East and beyond, with careful attention to the weather. (Think "Winnebago") A dodgy chronometer has led them into some rather curious associations, but always with the Interest of The Queen and the Empire in the forefront.  

There are titles that one is born to, and that one earns, as well, and then there are other names and titles that inferiors grant upon you. I, for example, am Lord Nathanael Alecsandar Thoughtcraft, Supreme Vestimancer of the City of Blinding Light, known Painted Lord of the Silent House, (one of the Seelie Fae), being Nassanu-Sama and Natanieru-Heika, a Japanese Bireigami, called The Aesthete

I didn't to go to a fictional University for eight years to have someone call me "Mister."

I have worked hard to manage a fine mercenary ship such as as The Belligerent Maiden and there is no reason that anyone else shouldn't know that I am Captain of a vessel.  Unless I owe them money, or they seek to kill me, or I know their lady folk.  But I think you get the picture.


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