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Being as I'm new here and as much as I sometimes like to rock the airship, I'm not looking to offend anyone at the moment so.... What are the rules for getting or gaining oneself a Title... Here in my little part of the world I a shps Captian but I dont want to just throw it out there if there is some kind of protical. One doesn't just ride the winds into a place and proclame oneself Captian So-and-so of the good ship here-and-there....


thanks for the input



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Like Zebulon says, there are lots and lots of airship captains.Even more pirates, I think.

There are also a huge number of time-travelers, but they are often quieter about it. Maybe not so many *stranded* time travelers, but I digress...

If you're trying to come up with a persona, doing something more unusual and creative will stand out more, if that's what you want. At one con I met a young lady who was a purveyor of mystery meats- she had unlabelled cans of Vienna sausages in a crate that she was trying to "sell" to all and sundry. Brilliant!

Another woman had a baby Cthulhu snoring in a cage. She said he'd been sleeping since she got him and hadn't been able to wake him up. She asked for advice on how to wake him!

"Maybe I need to feed him? What do you think he'd like to eat?"

Oh, she got all sorts of fun responses!

Some of those time-travellers have every reason to keep a low profile!

As Spider (name, not title) Robinson says, "Time Travellers Strictly Cash." 

I've a plushy baby cthulhu hanging from my rear view mirror and more realistic one tattooed on my left forearm.

Give yourself your title....and then prove you deserve it

I don't think there are rules for assigning yourself a title, however I do believe a title should be taken away under extreme circumstances. Thankfully i've never seen anyone sink that low.

 I had no choice, my own title/name was forced upon me. When the captain captured me, I went kicking and screaming..weeel maybe not kicking because a mermaid cannot my title "Mademoiselle Susette Cherie" <-- is that even a title?(more giggling here) my title/name was given to me by the mad scientist that purchased me from the captain.

My advice is; do whatever you want. I don't know right from wrong so that is exactly what I do and that's do whatever I want.

Somethin like that. lol

It's all fantasy, make believe so you can make believe whom ever you want to be.  There are no rules or regulations.  You have the world, the aethers at your fingertips!  Enjoy the ride!

I met C.Thulhu several years back in Peshawar province. Clive was his given name. Interesting sort of fellow. Liked his stout and played a mean game of cribbage.

Some titles are given, some are earned.

Due to my chosen career the title I am given most often by my clients is "Oh God, Oh God!" But I don't think it would fit very well on my calling card.

Or you can request citizenship in   The Red Forked Empire a fun bunch of cast about citizens from near and far.   I'm Bridgett The Tinker from Chillisquaque    You can find all about it on the website, naturally...


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