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I do Victorian cooking for Bistro 1876.

My question is (Do you have a favorite Victorian meal that you think I need to make for my clients?).

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Sherried Creamed mushrooms on toast is a personal favorite comfort food. The added charm is that it's also vegetarian.

I love the concept of your business.

The manner in which I prepare these is not vegan, as Mr. Bear cannot do without dairy products in his life. The recipe can of course be adapted as necessary,


First heat a pint of rich milk in a bain marie, If desired you may simmer a smallish peeled onion studded with several whole cloves in the milk. Add a crumbled vegetable bouillon cube.

Take a small amount of roux and use it to thicken the milk as per the usual method,

Continue cooking the resulting  sauce bechamel over the simmering water as you prepare the mushrooms.


Clean a pound of domestic mushrooms of either the white button, cremini or baby bella varieties using a soft dry brush. Of course oyster mushrooms or more exotic varieties would also work spectacularly, use what you are fond of.

Slice the mushrooms somewhat thickly and proceed to saute' them in a quantity of melted butter in a wide shallow skillet.

Here is where many err in cooking their mushrooms. The result should not be grey and rubbery.

Cook them slowly while turning them gently with a wooden spoon over medium heat until they no longer exude water. At this point the mushrooms begin to brown and make a slight squeaking sound as they are moved about.

When they are fragrant and a beautiful golden brown colour remove them to the waiting bechamel sauce.

Return the skillet to the fire and deglaze the pan with a small amount of a good quality dry sherry.

Pour these drippings also into the bechamel. Adjust the seasoning with Salt and (Black.. I don't fear black specks in my sauces) Pepper.

Stir the sherried mushrooms gently and allow to simmer together briefly.


Prepare toast in the usual manner using a good quality but tender bread. Butter the slices lightly and cut them in half diagonally.

Arrange 4 toast triangles on a warm plate and ladled the sherried mushrooms  over them.


I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Baldur Makepeace Bear


I'm going to also copy this recipe to the page for the Empire Mycology Society where it may be of some interest.
Sounds great I think I will use it as a mid appetizer during  one of my dinners thank you for such detail.

I don't know about Bistro 1876, but these mushrooms will definitely be on my menu this weekend.  

Ah another person that is not afraid of the sweet parts. Thank you for reminding me of this. Done in small they are wonderful Amuse Bouch.

speaking of sweets... about sweetbreads for the carnivorous or sweetmeats for the vegitarians who like to cook with honey! Alas, tonight we nibble on foi gras, a flame crisped baguette, and perhaps a glass or two of Sauternes.


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