The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Aether,

Many fabulous designs were submitted for this our latest contest of the Empire. You have perused them these last few days and based largely on your comments the following candidates have made the short list for voting consideration.

The voting rules and procedures are as follows: 
1. Each member of the Empire only has one vote; any additional voting will make your opinion null and void. 
2. Each pin design has a number; to vote for your choice, simply state the number in your reply to this discussion thread.
3. It's that simple really . . . huzzah!

And now for the candidates:

Design 1 - The Cog

Design 2 - The Flourish 

Design 3 - The Gauge  

Design 4 - The Secret Triangle

Design 5 - The Medal

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Design 2! It is simple and it can be worn with my medieval garb also!
My vote is for five, being the fifth in the series.
I would have to say that the Medal, (#5) would have to be the classiest choice.
Design 1!
Design 3 - without a doubt. Although I'd probably centre the axis in the dial.
Design 5!
I vote design 2. Simple and elegant. Not overly garish, and easy enough to make plenty of.
I like design 2
the medal, 5
They're all amazing but I like 5 the best.
5 is fantastic.


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