The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

Here are the suggestions for the RP title, and we shall also need a title for our Group.

So if there is one you like, voice your opinion in a reply and that shall be counted as a vote.

I am still accepting title suggestions.


-"Scoped Visions"

=Emila Blake

-"The Mysterious Town Of [Seville]"

-"As The Cog Turns"

=Thomas Sinclair

-"Phoenix Loft"


-"Phoenix Rising"


-"Gears of Change"

-"Era of Discovery"

-"Anything But Ordinary"

-"Changing Times"

-"World of Wonder"

-"Age of Wonder"


=Cyrus David Cole II

-"World of Innovation"

-"World of Wonderous Inventions"

-"Cogs of Mystery"

=Riley O'Keefe

-"Frontier from Hell"

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oooo gears of change sounds pretty awesome

Yay!  I knew if I kept throwing out ideas, eventually one of them would turn out to be a good one! :)

Cogs of Mystery? how's that one?

I rather like that one, actually.

I like "Cogs of Mystery"


Mind you so does "Gears of Change".

What about one that's already in the title, and reflects hope for the future?  "Soon"

Flights of Fantasy. :)

I vote for "Frontier from Hell"

....I do not believe that we are headed near the jungle.

Although I am only half-sure that all of that means anything, and even less inclined to puzzle it out in my sleep-deprived state, your aetheric analogy was well appreciated.

ok ripoffs of my one title, "The Mysterious Cogs" and or "Mystery of the Cogs" lol


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