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Wastelander Panda - A Post-Apocalyptic adventure with a twist...

Hey again everyone at the Steampunk Empire!

While things have been quiet recently for our Steampunk Action film 'Aurora', friends of mine have been working very hard at (and were kind enough to involve me in) an amazing production called Wastelander Panda.

So if you like beautifully shot post-apocalyptic worlds and/or Pandas, then this is the film for you. So take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy this incredible little teaser.

If you like what we've created and would like to see more please HEAD TO THE POZIBLE WEBSITE HERE

If we don't hit the twenty thousand mark within 9 days we will not receive any of the pledged money and Wastelander shall cease to be. Please support and help make this film a reality :D

If you need more convincing we have an appeal from the film makers themselves here.

I'm the one nattering away about Visual Effects, considerably less hairy than when I did the VFX breakdowns for Aurora.

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