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Inspired by a popular thread on Brass Goggles, I thought we could have a similar thread here where people post their musical likes and suggestions.


I suggest we try to stick to music that has some sort of steamy quality to it.


To get things started, here's Madness, all dressed up as Victorian explorers and being very musical hall about it. Steamy or not steamy? You decide:


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We Have All The Time In The World by Louis Armstrong.

Stroke by Apocalyptica

my pandora custom mix, genres from classic rock, to current rock, motown, with a healthy helping of earthy celtic music.  currently, loreena mckennitt 'the english ladye and the knight'

Since 'tis the season, a lot of Straight No Chaser.

Couldn't agree more - his production style is a big influence on me - he must be the only musician who's piano recordings include the creak of his piano stool!


Let's indulge ourselves:


You have to be kidding me!  This is one of my favorite songs.  :)
he is the master...
So good.

It's bizarre mix of the following artists:

The Cure, Doctor Steel, Professor Elemental, Duran Duran, Machinae Supremacy, Bon Jovi (80s only), Blind Guardian, Voltaire, Ween, Queen, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and The Toy Dolls

Here's something very Victorian indeed. What a great sound:



I love it! :)

I like this :-)


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