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Inspired by a popular thread on Brass Goggles, I thought we could have a similar thread here where people post their musical likes and suggestions.


I suggest we try to stick to music that has some sort of steamy quality to it.


To get things started, here's Madness, all dressed up as Victorian explorers and being very musical hall about it. Steamy or not steamy? You decide:


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"Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" by The Stolen Sweets is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.

I can pretty much recommend anything I play while DJing Dorian's Parlor, which consists of a lot of neo-swing, cabaret, gypsy, tribal fusion, and what I guess most folks would tag as "Steampunk" music. I'll also throw in songs that have a sound that seems to fit well with the overall aesthetics. For the most part modern dance music (like Synthpop) is a hard sell, but it really depends on the event. What works for Dorian's Parlor may not work for The Steampunk World's Fare, which in turn may not work for the SteamWerk Ball.

So long post short, some suggestions, in no particular order, of music I think fits a Steampunk "sound" would be:

  • Beats Antique
  • Pentaphobia
  • Creature Feature
  • The Dresden Dolls
  • Jill Tracy
  • Vermillion Lies
  • Voltaire
  • Golgol Bordello
  • Amanda Palmer 
  • Dr. Steel
  • Professor Elemental
  • Vernian Process
  • Analogik
  • Energie Du Verre
  • Parov Stelar
  • Tom Waits
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • Faith and The Muse
  • Red Elvises
  • Squirrel Nut Zipper
  • Unkele Ho
  • Rube and Dusty
  • Gabin
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra
  • Movits!
  • The Cog is Dead
  • Danny Elfman
  • Steam Monk
  • Caravan Circus
  • The Absinth Drinkers

And some that most may not have thought of:
  • Jane’s Addiction – Of Course
  • IAMX – My Secret Friend (Unfall Remix)
  • Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps
  • Garbage - #1 Crush
  • They Might Be Giants – Istanbul
  • Devo – Working in the Coal Mine
  • Tito and Tarantula – After Dark
"Man in the Long Black Coat" by Mark Lanegan is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.
"If I Told You Once" by Circus Contraption is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.

I'd highly recommend everything by The Dreadnoughts from Vancouver, they've got three albums and an EP so far and it's all top notch.


Punk covers of sea chanties and old whaling songs? Yes please!


"Children Playing in the Cemetary" by The Tallyman's Dark Omnibus is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.
"Sangre Azteca" by Sarah Fox & Joel Guzman is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.
"A Hull Full of Oil and Bone" by Listing Ship is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.

Playlist for the Week Ending Feb 13th~!/note.php?note_id=10150101499243187

IAMX has a nice dark cabaret sound with a twist of waltz that's been doing really well at Dorian's Parlor. Oddly enough, the founder of this group was a part of The Sneaker Pimps, a Big Beat Sound (think Chemical Brothers) from the 90s. A far departure, but a nice one in my opinion.

Another group that's been successful when played is Gogol Bordello, especially this particular song "Start Wearing Purple," which has an amazing gypsy sound. Mind you, not all of their songs will work at a Steampunk event, but a vast majority of them will. Great band to see live as well if ever you have the chance.

Philly's own Nicki Jaine has been layin' down the dark cabaret for years. And she puts on quite the live performance.


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