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Inspired by a popular thread on Brass Goggles, I thought we could have a similar thread here where people post their musical likes and suggestions.


I suggest we try to stick to music that has some sort of steamy quality to it.


To get things started, here's Madness, all dressed up as Victorian explorers and being very musical hall about it. Steamy or not steamy? You decide:


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"The City" by Unwoman is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.

"Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" by The Douglas Lee Band is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.
"Lizzie Green" by Alexandra Hamer is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.
Playlist for the Week Ending Jan 23rd~

Charles von Vitic: Lazyrays
Thomas Nola et son Orchestre: Last Twitch of a Bleeding Heart
Corpus Callosum: Descarte's Daughter
God's Favorite Beefcake: One Eyed Jesus
The Lisps: Compromise
Escape the Clouds: Captain Morena
Brillig: Emily of the Grace
Gypsy Nomads: Happy Madness
Kal Cahoone: Sebastian
Birdeatsbaby: The Devil So Charming
Vernian Process: Unhallowed Metropolis
Abney Park: Neobedouin
Hellblinki: Breaking Everything
Eli August: Crawling Again
The Mongrel Jews: Ballad of the Exiled Prince
The Kinks: Village Green
Ghostfire: The Last Steampunk Waltz
Robin Aigner: Delores from Florence
Blood Meridian: I Don't Believe
Victor Sierra: The Killer's Kiss
Eyerish Heather Collins & Molly Petite: The Prettiest Wings
DeVotchKa: Whiskey Breath
Peculiar Pretzelmen: Money Mcgillicutty
"The Model" by Belle & Sebastian is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.
The soundtrack to the Lucas Arts game "Outlaws."  Really excellent old west/steamy music;  I think it won one or more awards.
It's a good soundtrack, no question, though one of the slower tracks is actually a slowed-down version of Ennio Morricone's cemetary score in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". Get that score too while you're at it.
Yes, it's very Morricone-like throughout.  Another good (surprising!) Morricone tribute piece is Enya's "Spaghetti Western Theme."  Yes, Enya!
1/25 DJ panIx playlIst

The Riot Before: 5 to 9
The Doors: Five to One
Higson: Run Me Down
Channel 3: Mannequin
Those Lil Ole Music Makers: Hitchhike
ADD-X: Turnup Parade
Ministry: Quick Fix
Morphine: Mail
Smokejumper: Piece of Me
Terra Firma: Bomber
Aurora Roarers: Stitches
Mixtures: The Peppermint Twist
Cult with No Name: Lies-all-lie-all-lies
Abney Park: Building Steam
Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Trio: Steady Baby
Catch 22: It Takes Some Time
Luminescent Orhcestrii: La Tarde
Descendents: I'm not a Punk
Garrafiera: O Morro Nao Tem Vez
The Power & the Glory: High Winds & Heavy Seas
Contortions: Bedroom Athelete
Nerves: When You Find Out
Janitors of Anarchy: Butcher
Seven Times Six: Hrecules
L7: Baggs
nomeansno: Happy Bridge
Guinny Vamps: He's Waitin'
Silverstein: Smile in your Slee
Senses Fail: Free Fall without a Parachute
Doll Factory: Baby One More Time
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper: We Gotta Have More Soul
Warlock Pinchers: Don't Play this SOng on the Radio
Nurse with Wound: Wash the Dust from my Heart
Living End: Victim of Circumstance
Knack: Lucinda
Unseen: Weapons of Mass Deception
Brillig: Intermission
Poi Dog Pondering: Rock Your Baby
Model Rockets: Ring the Bells
Buglite: Myself
Alice Cooper: Department of Youth
Acacia Strain: Smoke ya Later
Pagans: Yeah Yeah
Pink Finks: Louie Louie
Peach: The Smell of Cinnamon
Therapy?: Where Eagles Dare
Nekromantix: Nekronauts
Red Invasion: I Got No Time
Strong Arm & the Bullies: Stand Up
Wall of Voodoo: Back in Flesh
Boris the Sprinkler: Goddamn Rollerbladers
Mighty Migthy Bosstones: Howwhywazhowwhyam
Forty-Fives: Hanging by a Thread
Christian Death: Mysterium Iniquitatis
Vagabondage: Second Heart
Those Darn Accordions: Lapis Lazuli
Frank Black: I Burn Today
Part Man Part Horse: Significant Bummer
Thou: Chained
Lurker of Chalice: Minions
Crumbs: There Goes Another
Ben Lee: Catch my Disease
Pigeonhead: Fire's Coming Down
!!!: Sunday 5:17 AM
Street Dogs: Savin Hill
Libretto: Volume
Dictators: I Stand Tall
17 Pygmies: Celestina XIX
Kinks: Phenomenal Cat
Suicidal Tendencies: Institutionalized
James Chance & Pill Factory: That's When Your Heartaches Begin
"Blaydon Races" by The Vandon Arms is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.
"I Love the Rain" by The Real Tuesday Weld is the Sepiachord Song of the Day.


Look how brilliant Kokusyoku Sumire are! It's as steamy as can be! The first song is called "Circus Horse" I think and the second is "Moonlight Sonata":





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