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I love a good read or film to refresh my mind.  I'm currently reading, "On Writing" by Steven King, which was recommended by a friend to enhance my manuscript, and a Victorian piece, "The Black Tower" by Louis Bayard.

"On Writing", is an oddly engaging novel.  It has triggered an automatic response in me whenever I'm asked to go anywhere or do anything.  For example:

Q. "Dearest Widow Kate, will you do me the honor of accepting my hand in marriage?"

A. "Kind Sir, you have no idea the peril you are in I really couldn't possibly, I'm already engaged in Killing Adverbs." *blush*  "I spend every waking moment at it, you see.  Be of good cheer!  I haven't the time for killing else!"


I heartily blame thank Steven King, Batton Lash, and Nishi Serrano for my new activity.

The Black Tower is proving a most gripping read.  It is not unlike Sherlock Holmes in flavor, but the lead character, Detective Vidocq, is much harsher a man than Doyle's detective.  This is an opulent period piece set in Paris 1818, and Bayard has great command in pulling me right into the charged political climate, as well as the rat infested alleyways of the time.  The Black Tower has been made into a movie starring Gerard Depardieu. Five stars.

What has everyone been reading or watching lately? I just revisited "Sherlock Holmes" via DVD.  Was a lovely experience, am amazed at the sets...goes well with tea and popcorn.


The Widow Kate Next

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I am currently enjoying a Steampunk Anthology called DREAMS OF STEAM engineered by Kimberly Richardson. An interesting set of short stories and poetry with a soft focus toward the machines and makers who create them. Some unique ideas and characters including a story narrated by the family dog, and an exceptional feline companion!

Happy Reading,
Simon Wildefarer
Oh, now that is unusual..the story told through the eyes of dog or cat. I like short stories for when I'm too busy to get at my larger novels. They also make for good just before sleep reads. I'll keep my eyes out for it.

The Widow Next
I was going to write a collection of short stories called Dreams of Steam. Oh well.
Just finished the third book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series (kids book, great fun,) and am now choosing between Gaiman's Neverwhere (haven't read it in a while,) and Felix Gilman's Half Made World.
I love Neverwhere! Haven't read it in awhile. The kids series and young adult books can be great reads. Half Made World looks interesting.

The Widow Next
Recently, I've been reading, "Historic Airships" by Peter W. Brooks, "The Osiris Ritual" by George Mann, "The Secrets of Dellschau" by Dennis G. Crenshaw, "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec" by Jacques Tardi, "Behemoth" by Scott Westerfeld, "Solving the 1897 Airship Mystery" by Michael Busby, "The Lost Cyclist" by David Herlihy, "Blameless" by Gail Carriger, "Iron West" by Doug TenNapel, "The Great Airship Mystery" by Daniel Cohen and "Larklight" by Philip Reeve.

I am currently reading "Dreadnought" by Cherie Priest and "The Victorian Home" by Kathryn Ferry. This past week, I went to Edward R. Hamilton's website and did a keyword search on "victorian" and "19th century" and proceeded to order $90 or remanded books on the subject.

As if I don't already have stacks of books that I haven't read. Well, I've got an entire week off of working coming up so maybe I'll be able to just sit and read.
I know what you mean...I just moved and my friends and family keep telling me I have too many books. Too many books? How can one have too many books?

Historic airships does sound intriguing. I keep hearing of books by Cherie Priest...looks like I will have to hunt one down. I'm looking forward to that! Thanks for the link to ER Hamilton's website. I didn't know of them before, will try it out.

Enjoy the reads,

The Widow Next
The last time I moved my boxes of books to boxes of clothes ratio was about 7 to 1. Used to work at an independent bookstore. Sigh. I miss that place.
I'll just bet you do, Madame Green. Surrounded by books as part of a job?! *sigh*

The Widow Next
I practically got paid in books, which was fine by me, but my landlord, and the grocers were not willing to accept books as payment. Our "Christmas Bonus" was always a gift certificate to the bookstore itself, which with the discount . . .

Sorry, went to my happy place for a moment there. :)
No worries, I do love and encourage trips to a happy place :) Wouldn't that be grand?! A society that accepts books as payment for rent, bills, and groceries alongside cash..."Thank you for your patronage Mum...That'll be one Mark Twain and a quarter, please."


The Widow Next
Would your change be in Chapbooks?


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