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What gadgets could be fitted into the body of an old pocket watch?

I have a clamshell-style cellphone still (yes, I'm one of those left who don't "have an app for that"), and it struck me how opening it to check the time was rather like opening a pocket watch.  So that got me wondering: What modern gizmos could be fitted into the body of a pocket watch? I've seen the wonderful thumb drive and digital watch already posted here, of course.  I'm just curious to see if anyone has any other notions.

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how about a nice tobacco pipe maybe storage for tea,or even a lighter or if you have a button to unlock your car or turn off/on alarm. medicine storage container. Or eventrun into a miniature flask with enough to hold one shot of liquer.
I'm getting a kick out of the emergency tea supply idea. Maybe an inner chamber could do double duty to hold the tea and also act as a removable infuser.
The soul of a Time Lord.
what about the tiny portable laser mice for you pc im sure one of them could be made to fit

Dusting off this discussion for a moment, here's an item that might have some possibilities along these lines.

A miniature spring loaded boxing glove. It's hilarious. 

I was thinking of trying to get a pocket watch to transform into a bluetooth headset. Rig it so when you press the button that opens the face instead 1 of the sides would drop revealing the mic and a clip on the back would pop out to clip onto ones ear.


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