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We're all Steampunks here, of course, lovers of the genre for the aesthetic or the literature or the inspiration to lovingly craft our own products. And so none of us want to see it fade away, of course. So, I was wondering what everyone thought about what comes next? Every genre has to evolve over time. Horror has, Romance has, Science Fiction has more faces than a dodecohedron (no idea if I spelled that correctly). So what of our beloved Steampunk? What advancements, either in literature or people's own individual worlds, do you think we're headed for? :)



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Next step?

A large enough base of recognition to have a category on porn sites. You know we are a very small fringe group if no one is making porn in our image.

You posted it online, therefore it will now come into being.  And I am certain that somewhere, somehow, the internet will answer with tentacle-steampunk-porn.  Just for you.  Congratulations.


*will now get more coffee and sit back, waiting for the porn storm*


For myself, I would love to see a line of dinner establishments and night spots (more than the occasional bar hosting a steam-social night) that cater specifically to an upscale steampunk clientelle.  Not that mundanes will be unwelcome.  Just that gentlemen in frock-coats and ladies in bustles will be the norms, rather than the exceptions in such places.  Permanent places where we will be not just "welcomed by amused staff for our quaint ways", but expected and honored, and where the menu, waitstaff, and fixtures themselves will reflect a steampunk aesthetique.

Likewise with dressmakers, dance halls, etc.  That would be... lovely.

Great answers! My only problem is the sneaking suspicion that Dr F's answer will happen before BuddhaAlex's hahaha

You'd think we'd have some Steampunk-esque nightspots in England, wouldn't you? But I don't think we do. Shame.

ACTUALLY!  I was in Britain in 2001, before the Towers Fell, and went to a series of fine establishments, the foremost of them being the Bram Stoker Tavern in London -- all brass/leather interior with a book room filled with actual leather bound books... and two secret passages... leading to the thoroughly modern men's and ladies' rooms... when one depressed the "Women are from Venus" and "Men are from Mars" books...


Most delightful.  The clientele were distressingly modern, however.  Sigh.

Here in Baltimore, I was very excited to see the recent opening of what appeared to be diesel punk diner "Lost City DIner".  Newspaper photos appeared to show great decor and servers uniforms. Unfortunately, they seem to have already experienced difficulties and are currently off the grid(dle)

I live in a city old enough (by American Standards) that there are still some original buildings from the Victorian ages in its downtown area.  I can (and have) patronized places that took the time to resurrect the original furnishings of the buildings, and made very intimate and victorian-type places.  However, the food and service are always modern, and dressing in type to fit the surroundings gets you stared at. Which I suppose is par for the course.  I only wish one could find a venue where the staff was trule inoculated against any surprises, and could greet you with the condescention that so typefied service 150 years ago... I live and dream...


thats most of Boston, at least the pubs. Nothing's changed in 130 years....

That sounds lovely.  *sigh* Tomorrow would be nice.  BuddhaAlex, make that happen, would you?  Thank you ever so much....*grins*

I will see what I can do... o.O  Anything for a pretty princess. :D


I actually have a friend in my hometown who is building/designing a thoroughly mad-science steampunk bar.  If it gets off the ground (i.e. ever opens its doors to the light of day -- with a real liquor permit) I will make certain every one in the empire is aware of it!  The mad science part is my favorite bit -- all bubbly and deliciously sinister...

I always thought that if I won the lottery, I'd buy up this charming historical house near our downtown that used to be a bed & breakfast, and turn it into a Steampunk Tea & Coffee shop. The servers could dress in costume, and the decor could be marvelous! Maybe even a weekend vaudeville/burlseque show upstairs? Who knows!

I would love that!!

We have the show! We've been looking for the place, lol!


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