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What would you like to see at a steam punk themed convention?

Hi all.

I'm on the staff for Steamposium, a themed convention to be held in St. Louis every year starting in April, 2010. As we are working on putting together the program for the event, the thought occurred to me that it might be interesting to gather the thoughts of the steam punk community. While it might not be possible to add everyone's suggestion, it will at least help our event, and other event organizers to know what we, as steam punk enthusiasts, are looking for.

So, with that in mind, what would you like to see at a steam punk convention?

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To start out, several thoughts that our group has brought up:

An organized outing somewhere.

Open panels for attendees to share their creations/ideas/literary work. (Steamposium is doing this in a true symposium fashion, with putting out a call for papers, having a panel of judges, membership into the society and such).

Somewhere set up for nice, period looking photos to be taken in costume.

Parlor games, a formal tea?

Some sort of formal ball?

Let your imagination soar, folk!
That's a great idea. Years ago, our youth group had this contest. Behind a curtain was a completed object. Each team had the materials to build a copy of the object. One member of each team was designated the architect and they got to see the completed object, but they couldn't touch any of the team's items. They had to tell the rest of the team how to put everything together. Maybe alter this idea, or merge it with yours.

Definitely something to think about. Thanks for the idea!
Sounds similar to the Iron Costumer contest we have at Marcon every year - it's always a blast.

Or maybe skew it non-competative? I'm doing a panel at Windycon called "Parts Is Parts", and we have 3 panelists, a whole bunch of attendees, and a big box of "goodies" donated by American Science and Surplus (in exchange for a program ad). I have no idea WHAT we're going to end up building but I'm pretty sure it will be amazing!
that would be fabulous..I adore AS&S! such weird & wonderful stuff!
I would like to see demos and/or classes from "makers" about their techniques, and/or workshops where we can try out making a small something.
Great idea. I've seen many wonderfully made contraptions and been so curious as to how they were made.
I'm a big fan of workshops a-la CostumeCon style, where you get a chance to try various techniques and actually make a simple project. I'm a costumer and prop-builder (and running Windycon's costume programming) but the best part of meeting up with other like-minded folks is exchanging knowledge. Anyone can TELL you how they did something, but it's entirely different to get to play with things yourself.
Again, I think this is a great idea. I've sat in on many forums where folk simply describe what they do, and have some finished pieces. However, there is nothing better than actually trying out what the presenters are talking about. Thanks!
I would like to see
-an Art gallery (Yes I'm an artist so I have a one track mind ... I think with my paint brushes)
-A Practical and Prop invention contest (inventions that work and inventions that don't do anything but are eyebrow razing with the visual effects and prop-building skills )
-Social mixers
Yes! In my opinion, there will never be enough art to look at. I also like the idea of contests for props and accessories. You will always have the costume contests, but to have a focus on all of the hard work folk put into their gadgets. Great idea.
Lots of programming with panels, workshops and other events. A good mix of music at the dance(s). Art show, dealer's room. Basically plenty of choices for things to do from morn till night.

Too bad it isn't in May. I will probably be passing through St. Louis in May at some point of my choosing, on my way home from Nashville, TN. April is too early to make it through the mountains around Denver usually.
Costume & prop/gadget workshop, something hands on...
Readings from historical, fictional etc. works...
An outing would be lovely, to the botanical garden perhaps, or the history or transport museum?

I'd love to collaborate on the event planning, etc...have been part of various pagan/spiritual cons in STL area (SpiritAwakening, Pagan Picnic) and PSG...workshop presenter etc...I am so excited about the Steamposium...and it's for a good cause too!


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