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What all has everyone been working on lately? Any cool projects in mind? Any freshly completed?

I'm working on my first corset commission... now I'm an Amateur with a capital A for my newbness, but it's for a friend so she'll forgive me if it's not perfect (nor is she taking a huge finical gamble with my skills, worst comes the boning and the busk can be cut out and I can start over).

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I know this is a late reply but, very nicely done!  The contrasting insert looked like it was originally that way when first seeing the picture.
Hello all! Porcelina I cannot wait to see the model ship hat!!

I've been making several pairs of crocheted gloves. So far some are working and some are not! I'll post links to the finished results when they're complete.
Greetings, all! I'm in the process of making my first corset out of a modern Simplicity fashion corset pattern. Once that one turns out (I'm using flexible plastic boning and recycling an old pair of jeans on which I can freely make many mistakes), I plan on creating one using the Simplicity historical corset pattern and some nicer fabrics--one being a watered satin taffeta in a pale gold and the other being a burgundy and navy stripe. But again, after I've had a chance to screw up the old jeans one and make it right.

I also crochet. A lot. I'm finishing up a mesh-and-shells sweater, but after that one, I have a pattern for a dickey/collar in a shell stitch with a ribbed collar. If it works up acceptably, I shall move on to a more complicated lacey pattern. I have a pair of winter fingerless gloves completed in a shell-and-v-stitch, and I'd love to see the same pattern worked up with a lighter weight yarn as wristlets/tea gloves, maybe with simple mesh fingers.

Hello, all! I am a newbody here and am quite impressed with what i've seen and read thus far-- the projects look and sound smashing and I must say I really love watching what creative people can do-- the people who can take a dream of an idea, make it real, and doing so, give others a dream, too! All my work is done by hand, simply because I live in a house so full of 'toys', projects, collections, animals and junk I refuse to toss (because I KNOW I will need it the day after the trash is picked up...) and while I've gotten a gift of a new sewing machine 2 years ago, haven't taken it out of the box. No place to put it, you see. BUT THAT DOES NOT PREVENT ME FROM GOING OUT AND BUYING GREAT STUFF TO WORK ON!

Today a foray into the wilds of Thrift has yielded MANY a super find, and once buttons are changed, trims added, etc. I hope to have them in one of my eBay stores, as well as keeping a few for myself. It's beenm many years since I've done a full outfit for myself. and as I collect vintage clothing, I sometimes repair or wear that. Anyway, very thrilled to be here-- may the muse be with you all!
Everyone's projects sound awesome! I do love seeing how others go through their own creative processes and how it may differ from mine - and teaching me new ways of approaching things along the way.

I'd love to see some pictures!!

I'm still working on that ship hat. And by working on, I mean thinking of working on it while it sits on my project shelf, silently mocking me. In the meantime, I've started the long process of going thru all of the junk that's accumulated in my sewing room and organizing.

I've also got a project that I am trying desperately to get done before Dragoncon, which is approaching quickly. It involves tentacles. I will say that. ^_^
I am currently deciding between making another leather harness, and making a corset... decisions decisions......
I'm currently designing an outfit around a great skirt I picked up the other day. I have an idea of what I want, but the finances may not allow it. Other than that, I'm working on a vest for the SO.
I now have all the material, felt and a fabric marker to start working on a pennant for Steampunk Ottawa. It will be used at a future event at our local museum of nature to make sure everyone can find us.
I have a pair of spats that need to be finished (closures) and am going to cut out a new waistcoat for my husband this weekend. I'm also working up the courage to start a corset for myself. Any pattern suggestions? I picked up the Simplicity Pattern 9769 ( but after reading through the directions last night I noticed several gaps, such as the placement of a busk that wasn't included in the notions list.

One helpful link I have found is this site with free fashion templates ( . I'm terrible at drawing humans in proportion, but having these handy templates allows me and my trusty colored pencils to design to my hearts content!
I'm using this for a corset tutorial. WAY easier to follow than the patterns I've seen. I think its easier than the waist cincher I made from a pattern. If you have any Qs she still answers them in the thread too.

And this is useful if you really like making them and want to make better fitting ones. I really only read the part about fitting, I have a long torso, so things tend to look odd on me without modification anyway.

Thanks for the croquis link! I suck at human form too... I don't know I passed figure drawing >./body>

TY for posting the corset link!!! :)  Im gonna have FUN making this!!! :)


I am currently working on a hand painted corset and a very embrionary project of a waist coat. I am, however, doing it both very slowly. It took me several weeks to do my first corset... and this is the third one, only. Ah, if I would only have more time and infinite resourses...


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