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Is my collection simply amazing or getting out of hand.  How do you know?  At what point does fandom become obsession?  What are your thoughts?

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I too collect dolls, costumes and crafts.  In fact my daughter and I have the same Moresca chemise in other colors ;)
In our family, we cheerfully refer to ourselves as pack rats.  But at times we teeter on the brink of C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone in syndrome).    There does come a time when maintaining a collection becomes onerous or too underfoot, then it's time to pare down. 

The Professor collects books on a number of topics : C19th Cricket , Oscar Wilde and the so-called ' Decadents ' , literary and general history etc . All of them are essential ( especially the hundreds of useless biographical studies of Wilde ) , as well as looking pretty . Madam Fate, my guide in all things , has shelves of bird books which are ( so she tells me ) necessary to keep track of the local species .
Every inch of wall space is shelved . Is it hording when every new item contributes to the value of the whole ?
A fellow collector had a rule that there would be no books in bath or bed room . This lasted until the rest of the rooms were filled . His wife discovered that if she cleared any space and left it unattended for a moment it would be covered with books .
We are not yet as the point reached by another local ( books and found objects ) who has filled his current house so tightly that he can only enter through a window . In the past he has rented houses , filled them , and left them behind when it all became too oppressive What his landlords thought of this can only be imagined .

Whew oh wow! That's some story, Professor Fate! I have lots of books. I have so many books that I read 3-4 different books at various times throughout the day..(When I get the chance)example;one in my car, one downstairs, one upstairs, and one in my locker at work. I only get the characters mixed up when the names are similar like, Greg, Craig, Cage, you get the  I have lots of bookshelves though.  Oh by the way, I have a few reference books about birds. I don't usually buy Self Help books, just a few concerning health and nutrition.  I mainly read autobiographys and biographys and collect  cookbooks. I have a small collection of vintage childrens books, also my mother gave me my own books from my childhood nursery. Toss in a mix of John Grisham and Hemingways and various artist that paint or draw and there you have it. I don't read romance novels, I rather be actually living a romance vs reading about others! =P

The Professor recently presented a paper on book collecting entitled ' The Other Side of the Counter - recollections of a bald - headed book collector ' . The audience laughed at his jokes . Had he known of Athanasia Greene's apartment manager he would have included her views.

Athanasia, you are definitely not a hoarder! I find people that don't read/own books are a bore to me. I don't think many mundanes will be found within the Empire. Lucky us, huh   =)

hrm.... I have a LOT of stuff.... but it all has a place, and it's not a safety, health, or financial risk for me to keep it or accumulate it. I contemplated selling some stuff a while ago, just to "clear out" because someone had the audacity to tell me that my closet "had more clothes, shoes and accessories in half of it than her entire family had" in a manner that was more condescending than dumbfounded awe.

So I freaked out and thought that maybe I was crazy and hoarding.

I then realized that there seems to be a lot of people in this world that, rather than understand my appreciation for pretty things, scold me and tell me that "You can't take it with you when you go!" and that girl was one of them. I also noticed that this usually happens when I share something that makes me particularly happy to have, so it kind of leads me to believe that they're just "haters" and pissed that I can have it and they can't afford it or whatever. I don't care that I can't take it with me when I go, I can have it when I'm here, and that's what I have it for.

I did have a problem with accumulating fabric though, I used to buy it because it was pretty with NO project in mind whatsoever. But I've just drawn the line with myself. All dresses I make now MUST be made with the fabric I already have. I am allowed to purchase small amounts of notions, or trims, etc. needed to complete the garment, but the main body MUST be fabric that's already sitting in piles in the pool house. I've been doing quite well with the new restriction actually, so really, it's not a problem. 

I just think "hoarding" is a popculture term now, in that EVERYONE accuses people of it, it's like ADD, how many kids ACTUALLY have it vs how many get told they're "so ADD". If you like certain things and like to surround yourself with them, so long as they're sanitary, kept in a manner that is safe for humans, and not a financial burden then it's not really hoarding, is it? Because hoarding seems to involve some form of risk or burden, like an addiction. It's like the difference between having drinks with the girls every Friday night, or having a drink every opportunity because you NEED to have the drink. 

aww Shahbanoo, that girl should not have said that to you and I'm sorry that she did. You opened your private world to her and all she could do was make insults. I do agree, I think she was very jealous of you!  (((hugs)))

Merci Mlle Suzette. At this point in life, I've decided I'm just going to be start being smug about things and give backhanded responses to all the playa haters. :D 

Did I mention the reason that girl was in my closet to begin with was because she wanted to borrow a purse and a dress from me?


ohh nooo Shahbanoo Pantea, don't you dare change one thing about yourself! I've had a few bad things actually a few VERY bad things happen to me within the last year and a half but I'm not going to stoop to their level and become anything like them. I don't feel the need to get revenge. My motto is MOVE ON and GO On to have a good life! ohh and I hope you never loan anythying to that bleeeep ever again! Don't cast your pearls before swine!

lol. You give me too much credit for being good, the meanie in me is just beneath the surface, waiting to have a justified reason to come out.


I too have been accused of being a hoarder.....

I'm not...

I prefer to invest my wealth in real assets.

Things i can hold in my hands, use, play with or make something out of.

Stuff I can put in my rucksack & take with me if necessary.

Of course there are those things that I've acquire just in case I ever needed one. 

I mean, really,

how often do you run across a dual vivial quinsniper

when you absolutely must have one right now.

Books are absolute necessities.

Whether you own just one or ten thousand, if you read them

it's not hoarding. If they are just interior decoration, you're

probably here reading this by mistake.

Plus it's fun to have an auction every decade or so

and get rid of the things you've realized you're never

going to need, do something with or use again.

then you have $$$'s to buy new stuff with

and space to store it.... ; )

I was horrified to see Restoration Hardware was selling vintage books with the covers and bindings ripped off as decorative items.  Just the sewn together pages with their gummy little folds showing.  Pitiful, like tearing the wings off of butterflies, or maybe more like displaying roadkill. 


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