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Is my collection simply amazing or getting out of hand.  How do you know?  At what point does fandom become obsession?  What are your thoughts?

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The Professor is a retired bookseller and was sometimes asked to quote on so many yards of books . In one case they were to provide background for a boardroom .

Hoarding is a mental disorder that usually has roots in some sort of trauma.  Instead of working through and dispelling painful feelings, the person copes by surrounding themselves with stuff as an insulator.  My mother is a classic hoarder.  She will admit she has too much stuff, but literally doesn't see or smell the filth and clutter. I spent whole vacations at her house trying to help her clean and organize, only to return in 6 months and have it looking exactly the same. 

Many times hoarders will keep one or more pets because they're sources of unconditional love without condemnation.  Often, they can't/don't keep up with cleaning up after their pets and the home becomes disgusting.  It's a vicious cycle of being traumatized, insulating themselves to try and escape the pain, knowing they've created a hopeless situation they can't begin to deal with alone, fearing backlash from friends and relatives, then slipping back into denial and isolation.

Owning, using, and enjoying a lot of stuff doesn't make you a hoarder.  I'm definitely not a minimalist!  I recently paired 9 bookshelves of books down to two for a cross country move.  (It was like choosing which child to keep!)  I still have 5 or 6 tubs of fabric to go through.  We've had 4 garage sales in the last year and filled the garage for every one of them.  The stuff was donated to charity afterwards.  The point is, you can own the stuff just don't let it own you. 

If you cannot bear to throw anything away, tend to shop and/or collect stuff when you're feeling overwhelmed, and have difficulty with personal relationships because of your stuff, it may be time to seek a professional's opinion.  If family or friends are accusing you of hoarding it could be a valid concern, or it could just be a manipulation tactic.  Most of the time it's a manipulation tactic.  I have to agree with Professor MacGregor's comment..." if you worry that you might have it, then you probably don't."

I really don't know where I fall in any catagory? I do know my things are not spilling out all over the place in my actual living spaces. I have a collection of things but they are displayed neatly in china hutches and I have one room with bookcases. I have more closets then I need and 6 are empty, and a full basement and a detached garage. With the exception of one corner of my basement I still have so much unfilled space left. If I tally'd everything up in storage used, it would = one small closet in my loft/finshed attic, it is filled with Christmas trees and decor, and one corner of my basement is filled with my outdoor vintage finds. I have included a pic of one room with the most things displayed..all other rooms are minimal.

What a comfortable looking room .

Thank you Professor Fate. That's the room downstairs that I read in the most. I did leave out in my last reply that I do have a walk in closet in my master bedroom(and yes it is full..with all my girly stuff, clothes, shoes and It's huge with builtin cabinetry and countertops and a full length mirror on one wall. My home is 101 years old so it is my theory that my walkin closet was perhaps a baby nursery at one time. It was common practice to have a ajoining nursery to the parents bedroom. It is the size of a small childrens bedroom.    .

We lived with friends in an old Boston brownstone with that set-up.  My boyfriend (now husband) had a pretty good job and had the "master" bedroom.  One of his more impoverished friends paid lower rent for the nursery, which had a ceiling about twice as tall as the width of the room.  Nice big sunny window though.

Only the first floor of my home has 11-12 ft high ceilings(that is why I place vases and or displays ontop the china hutches/armoirs, to blalance the height of the room( See my china hutch and other photos in my album on my profile page)) As for the windows in the nursery converted into a walkin closet, that is the case in my home as well. A row of windows facing the front of my house is what lines my closet. A salt & pepper colored countertop and white drawers are under the windows. There is a small balcony outside the windows but you would have to climb out the windows to get to

I would say that is certainly not the room of a hoarder...either that or you hide things exceedingly well. Pocket-sized black hole or bag of holding perhaps?'s just me here, so lots of extra space. I clean house for a very nice man and when I ran away from home, he sold me this house. When he offered it to me at a WONDERFUL price, I accepted! =D

Your room looks lovely!

Thank you, Kyth. =)

The "J" is from my Christmas "JOY" lol



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