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Is my collection simply amazing or getting out of hand.  How do you know?  At what point does fandom become obsession?  What are your thoughts?

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The Professor was amused to find that the the Wikipedia entry had a special section on bibliomania and stunned to find he did not meet the definition . Guess he will just have to keep on trying .

As with so many other activities, when the person's quality of life is negatively impacted by their obsession is the point where it becomes a disease instead of a interest.

If your collection has gotten to the point where you can no longer maintain it, you have a problem.

Minimalist here BUT I do collect but not on the Andy Warhol I have a collection of white soup tureens but they are neatly displayed in a chinahutch. I have others stored away and interchange them throughout the year. I have a rather large collection of vintage outdoor architectural items that I collect, such as, old vintage windows, stainglass windows, old columns, doors, porch and lawn furnishings. I prefer the aesthetic of Shabby Chic, therefore I collect alot of white things. Some call me a recycle artist but that's just a cleanup version of what I am. I repurpose things is all. These things are stored away for I have many closets and a full basement, they are never in my livingspace until I bring them out and into my home studio. I also am a minimalist when it comes to my yard as well. I have 2 flower-filled window boxes, and 2 white Adirondack chairs(in memory of the photos I saw of my ancestores visiting the Adirondacks many years ago) and 1 old red trunk on my porch. I have many books they are neatly placed in bookshelves. I do plan on going crazy with my less formal backyard this year though. I want flowers of coral, orange, yellows and reds everywhere and a few large sculptures such as large grasshoppers, ladybugs etc. I think if you are collecting and it does not interfer with your living space then keep collecting. =D

Wally, I actually like those! What's the story??

That probably is a one-of-a kind weathervane

Baaaad S.D.!  baaaad boy! =P

lol S.D. should hold a wine absinthe tasting benefit for uhh..hang on..I'm tryin to think of a good benefit..ohh okay I got one..a benefit for Zombie Zack, so he can buy some Humira. <-- I think that's the meds for skin conditions??

I collect dolls, costumes and craft supplies.  It sounds rather innocuous and yes I can still reach the bed and walk freely in all areas of my clean house.  Granted that I live alone in a large house full of dolls, costumes and craft supplies.  I started the discussion, because lately a few folks in my "real" life have expressed concern and dropped the hoarder nomiker.  As all the Empireans that I know are a rowdy, randy sort (like myself) I wanted your take on the collecting vs hoarding topic.  Thanks for your consideration and opinion.

Based on what I read in the Wikipedia article, hoarding sounds like what my father's doctor told him about Alzheimer's Disease: if you worry that you might have it, then you probably don't.


Seriously, I've always been a Maker. Ever since I've been little, I've had some sort of hobby where I build things. However, I know I'm still on an even keel because every so often I'll decide that something is taking up too much space so I'll get rid of it. A true hoarder has trouble parting with ANYTHING.

My family and I are all borderline hoarders.  The main compulsion as I experience is a problem with getting rid of things that you think may have a purpose some day - even if you haven't looked at them or used them in ten years, they're broken, etc.  I daresay that if your house is clean and well kept and you don't have a bunch of useless things that you're holding onto, you're probably not a hoarder no matter how many things you actually have.  Just because one has a lot of things, does not a hoarder make.  Hoarding ties in quite a bit with OCD - as odd as that can seem for those who think of neat freaks when they hear of OCD.

I do tend to accumulate things for projects that I never get around to. I have found the best way to prune out "perfectly good" whatever, or things to be used for parts that have been sitting around too long, is to give them away to people or organizations that will give them away. I have made use of Freecycle to find homes for fabrics and patterns I haven't looked at in years, as well as vintage computers and parts. I also make use of Goodwill as a repository for clothing and such that are no longer appropriate, and sometimes for the books I know I won't want to read again and probably bought there in the first place, LOL. Things that I would never throw away, but I can convince myself are going to waste in my closets, shelves, etc. That way somebody else has a chance to use my perfectly good stuff!

Hmm.  All right.  I had heard the two linked in the past and that is what I was going off of.  Sorry for any misinformation.

As for all OCD people not being compulsive house-cleaners, *I* know this (I put the O in obsessive, after all) but it is sometimes what people who are not afflicted with it often think - that and OCD people being germophobes...which I thankfully am not either. 


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