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I have seen that many or maybe most of the members here have a special name and persona for their Steampunk world.
Where did you get the idea from.I have spent last few days trying to work out a name I could go by and other than Lady J (yes quite boring) nothing would come to me,
But then last night while I was dreaming (yes Steampunk has taken over my dreams too) I became "Lady Nelly Nightshade"(Nelly is a shotened version of my full name)
 What do you think? Lady N is a woman who has taken an interest in the study of plants and herbs to delay the aging process.She is very feminine (other than when on her worlwide  collecting ventures then its mens breeches etc) she will always be carrying  vials of liquid and pouches whereever she goes so she can test plants  and is never seen without her magnifying glass and or mini microscope.

I also have another persona I am working on but would love to hear your thoughts on mine and where you got yours from.

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A rose engine is an actual device that creates geometric patterns, usually accompanied by a technique called Guilloché. just something I've always enjoyed , and it all seen to fit in in many ways. the Efram von part just seemed to fit with a nice ring and an important sound. Don't overlook other titles such as duchess or countess, or others to step away from the usual. if not the right track ( really isn't one ) one of many good ones. I'm surprised this thread hasn't started a wile ago..

BTW I actually have a portable mini microscope , and occasionally study herbs ,although for culinary purposes, and have many bottles...

have fun
I would love to see your microscope.I was thinking of Professor and Madame but found that I get called Lady J alot by friends online Id use that.And it was the name in my head when I woke from that dream crazy isnt it lol.I dont have a clue how my brain came up with the Nightshade came in But when I woke I knew it was a poisenous plant lol Your name is wonderful I am not quite that imaginative.I will check out a Rose engine.
Dear AussieJ , Most of my profile page is real - the name was inspired by Professor Fate of the Blake Edwards film , ' The Great Race ' - which I choose to regard as a " documentary " . The original Professor Fate and I share a liking for darker neo-victorian dress , but little else . While consistancy is a sign of lack of imagination it is easier if your chosen persona reflects its maker .



My name and persona come from the Lovecraft mythos. My character is supposed to be the niece of Randolph Carter, an antiquarian and dream-quester from numerous Lovecraft stories. I chose the Phillips for Lovecraft as well, according to my actual family history, we are decedants of the same family as he. I chose Madelaine because I really like that name, and it speaks for the french part of my heritage as well.

I think the name you chose is very nice and fitting for your persona. The alliteration is a nice touch too!
Thanks for telling me how you came up with your names Proffesor and Madelaine.Did it take you long to come up with and how long have you been into SP for?

Am I the only one who has actually dreamt a name up while asleep?
The ' Professor ' character reflects a lifetime neo-victorian theme - his avatar grew up reading Conan Doyle , Verne , Wilde etc. and dressing the part . ' The Great Race ' is highly amusing , set in 1908 , and provided the name - I could make a joke about being barely conscious at the time but your dream may be unique . My ' Steampunk ' tends towards literature and history based themes pursued in relative isolation .
good after ma lady, the names Byron Kettle, head mechanic and engineer of the Airship Serenity. I happened to stumble upon my name about 5 years ago now. Back in high school i was one of the top welding students and for some odd reason my teacher could never remember my real name so one day he just started calling me Byron, it also so happens that on the same day i brought in a kettle I had to fix for my mum and Poof there's my name. Byron just happened to stick through out the next few weeks and then i started to get the feeling that i need a last name also. So I started to think about it and I remembered the the whole kettle thing so from then on I I went by Byron Kettle. now the title Engineer is because that's what I am. no more no less. now you also asked about how long we've been into SP, well I was born into it. My uncle was the first in our family and I grew up listiening to him read me Story's by H.G. Wells and Jewels Vern so I guess to answer that question, my entire life that i can remember....
Engineer Byron:

It appears to me you are ahead of your time, as well as part of the past. Since you are a welder, it appears you know the resurgence of the industrial arts was always in your blood and the history of your uncles influences makes me feel you were just waiting for steampunk to arrive in our culture. What an interesting combination! And the story about your name is quite entertaining.
Hello Lady Nightshade,

Yours is a lovely Steampunk name, and I like your persona ideas. I just came up with my name last night, working on persona. I took the name Kate from a shortened version of my real-time persona, combined it with that of a Heroine I admire from Jasper Fiorrd's Lost in a Book series. Thus, Kate (Katherine) Next. I think I might be an adventuring widow of either Hungarian or Scottish descent...still working on it!
I love the name Lady Nelly Nightshade. That it came to you in a dream in a dream makes it even more special.

I went with family names for my steampunk name, so much so that it seems more like a slight variation from my normal self rather than a persona. Alice was my grandmother's name and is very similar to my real first name. Wolfenden is my mother's maiden name. I chose the title miss because in real life I'm doing my PhD. I thought it would be nice to change my persona to Dr Alice Wolfenden at the same time I got my real-life doctorate.
I was preparing for a Deadlands RPG and was searching for a character name. I simply couldn't come up with anything. Then, listening to NPR on the way home, I heard an article about 18th Century explorer Zebulon Montgomery Pike (for whom Pike's Peak is named). I loved that name but was not going to use it exactly. I changed the middle name to Vitruvius (Roman architect and siege engineer to Julius Caesar)

At conventions, I noticed a trend with people who though sure they recognized me from some movie. After growing tired of just saying that I was no particular character, I decided to fabricate a character that, when described to them, they would believe. A search on Zebulon Pike found a little known pulp novel by Edwin Sabin called "The City of the Sun" wherein a veteran of the Pike expedition encounters a lost Aztec city. Combining this with a Republic film called "Riders of the Whistling Skull" I came up with a story of Vitruvius Pike as the hero of a series of 19th Century dime novels with a 20th Century history of failed attempts to make successful movies. "The City of the Sun" was produced in 1937 and the story also laid the foundation for the recent film "National Treasure 2."

I love explaining this history and having people nod in agreement.


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