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On my walk about at dragon con this year, I was stopped by a gaming booth who commented on how lovely my weapon of choice for the day was. In this case, I was wearing a single flint lock pistol, that I have found works lovely as a billy club over its more traditional use. I jokingly commented that all my actual device were with my other half Lewdin which was true as he had claimed most of our armory for the day.
The people who stopped me told me it was alright for I had this fine weapon at my side and surely was more then protected. Of course I then explained to them the limits of my flint lock, the time to load, the fact it was only good for a single shoot, and that even with the best of aim, it would be unlikely my single slug would land true, and that is why I used my flint lock to pummel people with.

This lead to them asking me Why do Steampunk persona's carry so many weapons. My answer was "Well we are very prepared...I am not sure exactly what we are prepared against, but I know I feel naked leaving my home with less then 4 weapons, and 3 devices of merit. In fact Sir Walter Bob, will not even consider mowing his yard without his airship armada hovering over head for safety."

SO I ask, Why do we have so many Weapons?

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At the risk of sounding parochial I've noticed that it seems to be primarily USAnian steampunkers who bristle with weapons. I don't know whether it's linked to the cultural gunporn of the US or that steampunkers in other countries have more harsh laws dealing with weapons. I know locally a Con from this year had a very simple weapons policy "you can't carry any". Because imitation firearms are illegal here, the committee made a blanket ban so they wouldn't have to deal with people saying "oh but mine should be allowed because..."

Some outfits look better with a sidearm, some make no difference and some can look silly carrying weapons.
That is actually a very interesting observation. Makes one wonder.

Also, the phrase "bristle with weapons" gives me the image of a steampunk wearing so many fake guns on them they vaguely resemble a hedgehog.
It's easier to bristle with weapons than to bristle with goggles.

Although, I have a set of goggles that will fit over my goggles. Does that make it meta-steampunk? I'm looking for some goggles that can fit either over or under those. Now's that's ocular protection!
or Bristle with hedgehogs.
or wrestle with bridge trolls. :D

{i'm sorry, it just popped into my mind at random.}
Or nestle in ridge-knolls.

Ba-dum tish!
Excuse me, but I resemble that remark!

or trolling on trestles.


Hmm...*scurries off to his lab intent on building a Steam Powered Hedgehog Cannon...or a Hedgehog Powered Steam Cannon*
Hedgehogs do love to run in exercise wheels... it could be done.
ooh I do so prefer the thought of the latter rather than the first. No lobbing of the 'Edgepigs please.


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