The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

For me, it's the sense of adventure and curiosity of times gone by
with the possibilities of our future. One step in the past with your best foot forward, as it were.

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Thank you for your reply Lord Cedric. ANother favourite movie of mine is "She", framed me out as a kid.

Damn autocorrect, that should read freaked not framed - sheeesh!

Indeed you are not alone I too am old enough to know who Doc Savage is, I even plan on including him in some of the exploits of the novel I am writing. Along with Dr Tesla, James West and Artemus Gordon. Refrences to Jules Verne and I get to know his grand daughter. And a whole slew of other famous people and events that we should all know about.  (sorry for the plug for my story)... ; )

Plug away G.A.; sounds like an interesting tale :)

Monk always intrigued me more than Doc Savage himself.  I can say the same about Artemus Gordon [the one from the telly serial not the cinemé]; he is, in fact, a major part of the inspiration for Karl -- the other being Charlie Waite from Open Range.  Ah!  I got off subject.  My apologies.

I too like tea and hats, I noticed that you write, what are you compiling , if you don't mind me asking?



Dera Athanasia,

That sounds awesome would love to read it when you are finished - I am in a similar position except I am only 30k words in, story arc, character parameters all completed, just finding the time to go further.  Keep up the work.

Ever since I first saw someone dressed in victorian era clothing. After further looking for it, the -punk part just drew me in naturally from there :)

I can empathize with that.  I tend to watch the crowd, and sit on the outer edge, the clothes I ware are timeless, so I fit in but sticking out.  Thank you for your reply.

I believe it's a genetic thing.

I'd like to preface my comment by saying I'm quite new to seeing myself as being within the umbrella of Steampunk. But for years I have loved many things Victorian, especially modern clothes that are directly inspired by Victorian fashions.

Most of a decade ago I started working at a bookstore. I tried to tone down my gothness to fit into my work environment and kept my truly eccentric outfits for my own time. After one promotion to supervisor, it was brought to my attention that my district manager (who had offices in our store), disapproved of my nearly all black attire. This was in no way against the dress code, but I decided if I were going to pick fights they should be over something more substantial than fashion.

Since I aimed to become full management, I decided to develop a work wardrobe with as little black as possible. Everyone looks more professional in suits, so I used that as my starting point. I delved into the realm of silvers, greys, browns and ivories. I sought out traditional fabric weaves like herringbone. A simple suit is hardly a fashion statement so vests, stockings, skirts with bustles, boots with buttons and my pocket watch all came into play.

This transformation was paired with meeting certain store metrics and I was a manager for 3 glorious years. During my last year, the goth club I frequented did a special Steampunk night. I was shocked to realize one of my green work ensembles was the closest I had to Steampunk. So rather baffled, I turned out that night to dance in what I thought of as my work clothes and had a terrific time.

Now, a couple years have elapsed. I've returned to college and currently work part-time. My stores dress code for sales peon is all black. I find myself pining after a stately formal look since my current work discourages it, or maybe just because I learned how much I loved it! My favorite clothes weather black or color are still all Victorian inspired. I'm not nearly skilled enough to make actual period clothing myself. Since I love re-envisioning things, I enjoy re-adapting older clothes to new hemlines. I'm not sure I could even pull off a truly period look to begin with.

So fashion is what drew me in. Seeking self expression is what is likely to keep me within the Steampunk realm.


P.S. -Please forgive my horrible sentence structure. I'm taking English 101 for the first time in my life, and am only slowly coming to terms with how little correct grammar I learned previously.

Thank you for sharing, don't worry about grammar or structure, the scribe police are not to be feared.  I have the same issue.  in the 90's I went through a similar process (san's skirts, but I did and do wear kilts).  Yah know, I sort out instruction in sowing, after a bit your skill improves, but I do believe that hemming is quicker than creating a whole tailored suit as that my friend is frustrating as heck.  Keep in touch. :)

Why did you gravitate towards Steam-punk?

Bonjour! Creighton Burrows...

Hmmm... This is a very difficult question for me to answer because I [somewhat] forgotten how and why I gravitated toward Steam-punk...In the end, I think that I have to credit fellow Steam-punk member Gadget girl and author Gail Carriger for my interest in Steam-punk.

[Note: I joined Gadget Girl now, defunct Ning called Theme-Worx and noticed that her template design was Steam-punk inspired and that send me on a quest to do more research about this genre called...Steam-punk. ]

Which led me to author Gail Carriger, the Victorian-era Of Sherlock Holmes and here to the Steam-punk Empire after Gadget Girl mentioned that she was a member here at the Empire.

I later developed an interest in author Bram Stoker [after joining fellow Steam-punk member Demondaz's group here at the Empire which was later after my initial discovery Of Steam-punk...]

...and who knows what next [Steam-punk] adventure awaits...Merci, for your question... too! 

deedee :-D


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