The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

For me, it's the sense of adventure and curiosity of times gone by
with the possibilities of our future. One step in the past with your best foot forward, as it were.

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I'm currently reading Dracula, The Un-Dead by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt.

It is a sequel to the original novel and written by Bram Stoker's great grand nephew.

Some 25 years after Dracula's demise, the evil returns.

I found this gem at Dollar Tree from $1

I had been waiting for an excuse to purchase a pith helmet and the universe obliged me. It truly is a wonderment to be on such a friendly terms with the universe.

Ask and you shall receive - I was a kid and thought false teeth were cool, learnt me lesson there I can tell you.

Mr. Macintyre,

It has been my experience that if you send wishes out into the aether, they often thrive and grow.. And return to you fully formed. But do mind what you wish for? ;-)

Let me see. Hmmm! Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, Poe. "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" [the movie], etc. etc. etc.  Then there are the movies "Wild Wild West", "The Quick and the Dead" and "Open Range".

I know the last two are probably not considered SP but they helped to draw me in.  I live in New Mexico and have not, after 70+ years, outgrown my fascination with the American Cowboy.  SP allows me to be far more true to who they were in the late 19th early 20th century time period in what I wear and "who I am", and at the same time allow me to indulge an interest in Victorian SciFi mixed into it.

Dear SIR,

Have you seen the trailers for the movie "John Carpenter of Mars" yet?

regards C

If you are referring to the movie "John Carter" based on Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series, yes.  I caught it last night on the telly and am looking forward to its release.

Why I forgot to mention Burroughs I do not know; I must have Tarzan on the brain.  I read all of his Mars and Venus books when I was a yonker. :)

When I first saw steampunk I couldn't believe what I was seeing so  I asked my husband to explain the steampunk era and how many of the things ran on steam also the different gadgets and how and if they really worked. Then as I started looking in to it more and more I saw things that started to catch my interest like the clothes and the movies and and the different gadgets and my husband even gets into it so its something we can share and that is great. Also the women are sexy and the men are handsome in their clothes.

I hear ya!  A sense of self respect is projected with shiny shoes and a well pressed shirt, a thing which is lost nowadays, a shame and all that, 'cept we are brining it back.

Thank you for your reply.

regards Crieghton

What made me fall for steampunk, Well it was not the name but what it represents, a by gone era where a man or woman could actually build things and invent things, all with out any more modern manufacturing facilities. And when they were finished even if the thing did not work. It would still be around 100 years later because it was well built if not functional. Where men were men and woman were woman, where the sky was the limit and one could have a chance of escaping the government to some degree. And lastly There was still room for REAL EXPLORATION and ADVENTURE. Oh and there was no CELL phones or TV's to distract people from really having interaction with each other. Where family still mattered. Also there were fortunes to be made, can't forget that one. 

  On a silly note it was the big brass world with steam clouds rising from it and forest of gears, rivers of molten metal, and mountains of junk just waiting to be explored.  It's gravity well sucked me down in my little copper space ship and I have been stuck here ever since.

Ah that was your copper spaceship, nearly took me accelerator pods off, no harm done.  Still can't find me way out though, so looks like I am down here with the rest of you folks.

Thanks for the reply,  hows things by the way?  hows your book coming on?

Thanks for asking, My book continues to grow, I am trying to fuse two stories, it was to be in chronological order but now I have rethought it and going to use the earlier events as flash backs. But now I am unsure how to re-tense the earlier part of the story to make it a narration told by Jack. The problem is the story he is recounting was very traumatic for both him and his sister. So the retelling as it is seems to me to be a bit off emotionally.  


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