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As previously mentioned, I am the Masquerade Director and also in charge of Costume Programming for Windycon, and I'd like to invite any Citizens of the Empire to visit our fair suburb and partake of our programming.

I am still looking for a couple of Masquerade Judges, so let me know if you are interested.

If you would like to be on panels, you will need to fill out the programming form on the website at and they will forward me your info. Windy follows ISFiC rules so you have to pay your membership and then get reimbursed for working.

Panels as of this point are:
Parts is Parts-lets build something from things we find in a box
Found materials-thrift store finds/costuming from the hardware store?
Types and tropes-character classes in Steampunk and beyond
My Favorite things-tools/materials you never thought you needed
Don't lick the wallpaper - Color and the Victorians (actual history)
Duct tape patterning-beyond the body form
Distressing your Damsel - using paint/dyes/sandpaper/your car/etc to get a less-than-new look.
Patrick's leather panel to be named later
A Prop/Painting/Detailing panel that needs a nifty title

So when you register let me know that you're from the Empire and what might appeal to you as a panelist.

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I will judge if you still want me. I am not sure we have registered yet. We are reserving our room tomorrow.


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