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Welcome everyone,

I've noticed you got a nice steampunk website and I thought you might be interested in our pet project: a roleplaying game entitled Wolsung: Steampulp Fantasy. We published the rules in PDF, free of charge. An introduction to the setting of Wolsung, called "World Tour" is coming up next, also for free. We also try to update regularly with new materials for people who want to play our game.

We are currently working on a F.A.Q. and also a gameplay example (like a short Actual Play) to clarify the rules.

If you have any questions about the game, please e-mail me at gerard(at) or just ask right here. I'd really love to hear some feedback from steampunk fans such as yourself.

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I'm actually looking forward to this.

You can already preorder Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy core book. The premiere will take place at GenCon (16-19 August) and the PDF version is already available for download.

You can find more info about preorders, setting etc. on our website. There are also free Test Drive and World Tour for download, so you can check out the game before you decide to order the full core book.

Will the roleplaying be open to everyone, and be on this particular post, or on another post, or on a completely different site?


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