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Ladies and Gentlemen, Humans and Otherwise:

I would like to announce an an idea that seems to have taken a foothold in my blog.

 I had proposed that in order to further a greater public understanding and appreciation for our passion that we need to make ourselves more apparrent!

Here is the original post:

Here is a glorious seed of thought!

What we need is a disorganized nationwide-worldwide 'flash mob' after a fashion.

Hear me out, please. WE pick a day a day of no particular importance and not connected to any holiday and make it our OWN. How?

On that day, starting at midnight Greenwich Mean, all of those that purport to be of a Steampunk heart wear their best finery promenading as beacons of  light to the world!

There will be no organizers, leaders, or spokespersons. We will just...APPEAR and then for 24 hours the world will be awestruck!!!


Thanks to several members here that proposed that we honor the birthday of Nikola Tesla that we hold this day on July 10 of this year ( A sunday, perfect! ).

Joy and Elation!

Imagine it, a grand public perambulation permutating the population with steampunk presence!

What a sight to behold, elegance modiste and manners replete!


If you are interested in participating, I would like to urge you to simply add your name in queue and tell others about this grand event. The adding of your screen name is merely to encourage others to participate. I humbly ask all that are in league with this hopeful idea promote it to others that are of the same mindset.

I will make no monies from this lest any think that there are secondary intentions.


So, what say ye?

Let us make Sunday July 10 World Wide Strut Your Steampunk Stuff Day

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A D Cruize may be counted as "in".

Awesome!  I'm in...Can you set it as an "event" if you get enought participants?

Wonderful!  That will be my first-year wedding anniversary, too!
Situation permitting, you may count me in! I look forward to it!

This is a fabulous idea! I love any excuse for a holiday, and Tesla really deserves a holiday.

You should start a facebook page for this. That seems to be a great way to drum up interest in new events.



barring doing something with my gf... who has a slight aversion to my fascination with dressing up... I will be there!

Help your Inamorata choose an outfit to her like and then it will be fantastic for the two of you!


Tell her that you need someone to take photographs of you shining amongst the bedarkened!

...use those words... she will swoon!


she DOES have a thing for photos AND large words (the second from her love of teaching reading to 1st graders)...


However, her aversion is to the concept that I would choose Steampunk over her if the choice came... thus my quandry...

My dear GuildMaster,

 My lovely cougar also does not have the depth of embrace that I do for this wonderous modality of living. I asked her one day if I made her feel uncomfortable appearing in public with her, she in her 'regular' wardrboe and I in replete glory. Se stopped and looked at me with a bit of concern in her eyes.

" I married you because YOU are YOU, and YOU are not ME. IF I try to change you to being someone other than who you truly are, then you are living a lie. A lie to yourself, me, and the rest of the world. I wont have that."

I was stunned and I was humbled.

Our arguement started thusly...


I am currently working two jobs and taking classes in Cisco Networking, thus I'm often dead dog tired. One night I told her this, not realizing she had been waiting up in the hopes that she would get to see me (we don't live together). She blew up and (using that classic female tactic (don't get upset ladies, you KNOW you all do it) ) pulled out of nowhere the phrase "but if it were a steampunk event, you wouldn't be too tired!"


She's quite fine with me doing it, but not at the expense of time with her, or the expense of ANY expense on my behalf... at least until I have that job where I'm NOT working two to pull rent together.


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