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Hey all. I'm curious to see what we steampunks listen to that's not influenced by gears, civility, and fine clothing. ;) What are your favorite bands/pieces that are NOT steampunk?

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LOL I am not exactly like most typical 61 year old guys, I am NOT stuck in the 60's and 70's...  While I like about every form of music, except most Rap (Insane Clown Posse, Beastie Boys and Kid Rock are tolerable for the most part), my favorite bands/artists are Rammstein (listening to them as I type this), Tarja Turunen (ex-singer of Nightwish), Nightwish, Front 242, Ministry, Sisters of Mercy, The Cruxshadows, LORDI, Manowar, Inkubus Sukkubus, Corvis Corax, Qntal, Medaeval Baebes, 69 Eyes, Blutengel, Velvet Acid Christ, Eisenfunk, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie; The Cramps,  just to name a few.  My iPod has 20K songs on it, everything from classical to death metal.  Most "Goth" bands are great as far as I am concerned...

Recently I have started getting into Folk Metal and Viking metal.  I came across some awesome bands, mostly from Europe, Scandanavia and Russia.  Eluvietie (Switzerland), Finntroll (Finland), Heidevolk (Netherlands), Arkona (Russia - Masha Scream is one of the few females who can carry off the Metal "growl"), Turisas (Finland), Tyr (Faroe Islands), Metsatoll (Estonia), just to name a few of the best bands.  There are a lot of others that are very good as well...  Unfortunately there are very few Folk Metal bands here in the U.S.

Masha Scream is I said she is one of the few females that can carry off the "growl"..




Do you do "power noise"? (Converter, Morgenstern, Iszoloscope, Imminent etc)? I was just raving about the last Rammstein concert I went to (here), do treat yourself to them live sometime if you can.

I might have to try the "Viking metal", never heard that. And I am scandinavian.

There are some awesome bands out there...   Check out this Heidevolk video

Got this from Wikipedia...  VIking metal has a VERY strong Norse theme to it...

 Viking metal is a subgenre of black metal with a tempo ranging from mid-pace to fast, often accompanied with keyboard melodies and acoustic instrumentation.[1][2] It is characterized by its chaotic and noisy sound, slow pace, dark and violent imagery, and lyrical themes of Norse mythology, Norse paganism, and the Viking Age. It was developed in the 1980s through the mid-1990s as a rejection of Satanism and the occult, and instead embracing the Vikings and paganism as the leaders of opposition to Christianity. Nearly all Viking metal bands claim to have Viking ancestry.

Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Been a proud mjolnir bearer for near 20 years (one does not take it off).

Thanks for the tips. I love metal and have started to listen to more Finnish and european bands. I think they are definitly edging out the American bands. Too many good bands to listen to! Loved the links. Thanks!

Well i just mostly listen to instrumentals. So infected mushroom and all that...

I tend to favor heavy metal of all sorts, as long as it has an air of drama and subtlety to it, unlike much of the mainstream in-your-face metal that is produced today.  One of my favorites is the band Insomnium, a metal band from Finland.  The music that goes best with Steampunk in my opinion is Industrial metal, specifically the work of the German band Rammstein.  Listen to the song "Reise, Reise" on the Aether to see what I mean- the very melodies and style of the song seem to suggest all things dark and mechanical.


I love those guys so much! They are so insane, Their music is amazing!


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