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42nd Airship Battalion ~ Houston


42nd Airship Battalion ~ Houston

Purpose:  To enhance enjoyment of the steampunk experience.


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On facebook, visit Territories of Houston Steampunk.

Location: Upper Texas Coast ~ Mother Earth
Members: 195
Latest Activity: Aug 29, 2016

About the 42nd:

The 42nd was founded in January of 2011 with the goal of providing a common forum for Steampunks in and around the Upper Texas Coast.  The 42nd itself does not do business as an entity and is kept as a anarchy (two reasons for this are to avoid liability and discourage internal politics).  It depends upon individuals and smaller groups to organize and host events.  Please feel free to click the JOIN button above.  A D Cruize tries to give one free 42nd ASB patch to each member as he meets them (if you don't have one, look him up at an event and let him know).

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Mission Reports

Started by A D Cruize. Last reply by A D Cruize May 15, 2011. 1 Reply

Flown a mission lately?  Please, feel free to post your report here.Anyone besides me make it to WWWC?  It was a serious kick in the boiler.  Hope to post report soon . . .Continue

Dragon Con!

Started by Benjamin Moore. Last reply by A D Cruize Oct 24, 2015. 1 Reply

So my Wife and I will be going to dragon con this year for the first time, and I was wondering if anyone from this group was planing on attending as well? Continue

Tags: con, Dragon

Advice for Newcomers

Started by A D Cruize Jun 1, 2013. 0 Replies

New to Steampunk:Welcome to a really big sandbox.  It is a work-in-progress that is continually being re-invented and re-defined.  Please help keep it clean and do not disrupt others while they play.Arguably, one of the best ways to understand the…Continue

Upcoming Meet-Ups & Events

Started by A D Cruize. Last reply by A D Cruize Oct 10, 2015. 31 Replies

Upcoming Events:Monitor on Facebook for other local meetups:~ Territories of Houston ~ Houston…Continue

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Comment by Prof. Jonus Naler on December 6, 2015 at 7:23pm

I made it to Dickens's , but missed the meet up.  I cheered for those I recognized from your photos when you marched by in the parade.  With as much Steampunk as I saw that day, I am excited for our future.

Comment by Prof. Jonus Naler on November 17, 2015 at 6:07pm

It was small, but the people were great. You can tell it is a work in progress and is growing. We went for the day (Saturday) and it was good. I feel that if we had stayed late or camped there we would have gotten even more out of it. The site is BYOB which was not a problem.  Vendors were limited (around 20), but how many Steampunk vendors can there really be out there. There were also three stages with rotating performances (some better than others).

Anyway, we will be going back next year and hopefully staying for the whole weekend. It would be cool to do something like this here in Houston. Bound to be a place to organize it around here.  

Comment by Kensington Locke on November 16, 2015 at 2:43pm

So what was SPN like?  What kind of stuff to do & see?

Comment by Prof. Jonus Naler on November 15, 2015 at 5:27pm

Just got back from Steampunk November in Mansfield, Tx.  I would encourage everyone to attend next year if you get the chance.

Comment by Kaptain Gustavus Sturmreiter on November 7, 2015 at 12:30pm

i am appalled but not surprised by this though... it just amazes me that they are going to charge you 42 dolllars for what.. the "experience" of being at a fair "after dark" party... really...  if they were smart.. they would run it like a club.. 10 dollar cover.. and 5 dollar drinks.. they would make more money in the long run.. then it would be worth it to go... i had originally thougth they were continuing with the King midas thing.. but heard they changed it this year...  especialy with few people dressing up inside...  nope.. again.. fair is not getting my money like that..

Comment by Kaptain Gustavus Sturmreiter on November 7, 2015 at 12:21pm

fair for one will not get my money at their Joke.. after dark event...  screw that noise.....  thanks Angela for reporting this money grab.... fricken fair..

Comment by Angela Lancaster on November 6, 2015 at 3:58pm

No not less expensive, Still $42 per person and you also had to buy Sprits and soft drink tickets at $8 each before entering. We were told the ticket would pay for all drinks the entire night, but the bar tender took the ticket on you first 1/2 cup size drink that they then only filled half way. If you wanted even 1 more coke cola, it would cost you $8 each time. Even Disney World does not charge $8 for a Cola.

Comment by Drew Heyen on November 6, 2015 at 10:07am

What cost you $84? My understanding was that it was substantially less expensive, this year? Was it because of the Rocky Horror thing?

Comment by Angela Lancaster on November 5, 2015 at 7:36pm

Please be aware that the After Dark at the Texas Renaissance Fair was the most disappointing embarrassing event that I have ever attended. We went the Friday before Halloween and paid $84 to attend an event where 90 percent of the people were  in street clothes, the acrobatics: just hung there like we were in some Brothel and they showed "Rocky Horror Picture Show" with actors acting out the scenes. Even in the 70's the sex scenes were not as rude as the sex scenes the actors were acting out in their underwear doing moves that the movie did not do. Do not waste your money on this years event. Last year when it was at the Masquerade  Ball, 100% of the attending guest were in costume and there was music that we could dance to and there was a great elegance and grace about every thing done. The food was excellent and all performances were top notched last year, but this year there was no music that could be danced to, and the food was awful. I apologize to any of you that attended this year on my recommendation. It was such a great thing last year, they should have preserved it just the same, for this year was a horror of an experience and not worth the money.

Comment by Colonel Mike Ambrose Legerdemain on October 25, 2015 at 6:10pm

So glad to hear he is improving, please keep us updated on his progress.


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