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Rosenberg Railroad Museum and Another Time Soda Fountain  -  September 24, 2016

Annual Events:

Ikkicon ~ December / January - Austin   (Japanese Animation & Pop Culture)

Weird West Fest ~  TBD      (Weird West / Steampunk)

OwlCon ~ February - Rice University   (Gaming)

ConDFW ~ February - Dallas  (Literary)

Wild Wild West Con ~  March - Tucson, Arizona (Steampunk) 

Anime Matsuri ~ February - Houston   (Anime & related arts)

All-Con ~ March - Dallas   (Pop Culture)

Aggie Con ~ April - College Station (Nerd Convention)

Comicpalooza ~ June  - Houston    (Pop Culture)

A-Kon ~ Early June - Dallas  (Anime)

Apollocon ~ Late June - Houston    (Literary)

Nicola Tesla's Birthday ~ July 10

San Japan ~ August / September - San Antonio  (Anime)

Delta H Con ~ August   (Gamer & Anime)

Dragon Con ~ Labor Day Weekend - Atlanta   (Pop Culture) 

FenCon ~ September 2016 - Dallas    (Literary) 

RealmsCon ~ October  - Corpus Christi   (Pop Culture)

Oni Con ~ October / November - Galveston   (Anime)

TRF Steampunk Invasion - Usually Pirate Weekend - Plantersville, Texas  (RenFest)

Dickens on the Strand ~ First Weekend in December - Galveston  (Holiday Street Festival)

More Texas event info can be found at Turner's Tokens.

Separate discussion to gather general input on meetups =>

Anyone who wants to organize anything should give it a try. 



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If you all wanted to arrange something regular, I've already proposed using the Odd Fellows hall on Heights and 14th for a steampunk meetup.  I just never got around to organizing this.  Beasically, me an some other folks talked about a monthly meeting like on a Saturday or Sunday.  There's a kitchen and dining area, so you can make tea, and the lodge room is all late 19th century stuff.  The idea was to have a meeting and talk about stuff, making stuff, I've got cylinder machines and gramophones to listen to.  If it became a well-attended thing, we have semi-regular events where we invite vendors and sell stuff.  It's close proxemity to downtown can make it a place for people to meet and dress up and then go to things like Discovery Green.  Since I'm involved with the lodge, we can get first dibs on the renters schedule, and I'd propose something like $5 a head which would cover rent. 

For the August 13th meeting, I'd like some basics in soldering brass and mixed metals (and compare/contrast soldering to welding), beginning leather working -- source materials, basic tools, etc., and prop making.  I have 2 Nerf Mavericks to customize, and I've got ideas and doodads, but I would like to see other examples to get more ideas to steal, er, take license with.  I'll try to bring some snacks.


Your humble servant,


Hi there,

Will anyone be making the trek to Clockwork Con in Austin?

My sister and I will be making the journey to the Clockwork Con.  See you there?

I'll be there!  Got confirmation earlier this week, I'll be presenting a panel, "Put Some Near East In Your Step" - just waiting on the schedule to find out day/time :-)

Gail Carriger, author of the Parasol Protectorate, will be in Houston on March 2, at 6:30 p.m at the Murder by the Book store.  Who would be up for a get together & maybe a nosh?  Maybe at Katz's Deli?

Sounds like fun!  I should be game.

Lone Star Flight Museum sounds like a good place, it is indoors and offers photo ops.  Another "cool" weather place might be the Battleship Texas.  Either one seems to be just waiting to be invaded.  It would be awesome to see a costumed crowd of about twenty plus!  I am looking forward to more comments on this subject.

Both of those sound like amazing photo ops!

I made an event page for the upcoming Twisted Gears event on here. Check it out!

Updated discussion on 26 Feb 2012.

Deleted most of the replies from 2011.

Just a reminder that Gail Carriger, author of the Parasol Protectorate series, will be in Houston on 3/2, 6:30 p.m., at Murder by the Book.  Anyone else thinking they'll be attending?


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