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Seeking out underrepresented cultural steamcraft --Afro-Asiatic/East Indian/Otherkin/etc-- for all-inclusive celebration of world steam culture. The library-ships have openings for 'In-persona' catalogers, extra tea clerks, and Anansi-bots.

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Welcome Aetherlings!

The *Moors are underknown in this age for sharing the gems of their cultural renaissance with Spain and other countries which is a disservice to anyone desiring the bigger alt-historical picture. We wish to honor them, and all underrepresented cultures past and present disincluded in the mainstream from which the masses drink, and hope you do as well. The celebration of all roots is indeed a beautiful partaking. We thankyou for your part in it. Moorwing Archive is named for the flight of lost knowledge returning to mass memory, the elation of potential, and the wing of innovation Steamcraft offers to all underrepresented and indie-minded cultures. We celebrate the diversity in everything here. Even the fae, lycan, and any variety of Otherkin histories/mystories are taken into reverent account *_^
The tour is at three (if you are not in the front hall promptly, you will have to return to your cabin for that hour). Don't forget to ask for your free pair of Tour-issue Imagist goggles, freshly shipped in from beyond the era-threads from a steam-village in the mind-coves of Tunisia.
You can take them home.

If you lose your pass, see your group leader immediately! Roiibus tea and Raspberry-Papaya Tartlets are available to those who paid ahead for the Era-talks taking place in the East Wing.

-Professor Aberash

*Pre-dating Islam, the term 'Moor' dates back to the people of Numidia in 202 BC-46 BC (an ancient Berber kingdom/NorthAfrica), and includes the people of Berber and later Arabian peoples

*See the forums to read and share information about the Maroons, Gullah, Haitian independence, Asian, East Indian, Arabian, other indigenous peoples we may be unaware of or only faintly familiar with. We're very interested in underreported culture from across the globe.
Fantastical Otherkin are also celebrated here.
Share your history and art culture with the archive, or utilize the information here in the creation of your works. Please see as well Jhameia.blogspot com/Silver-goggles, Black Science Fiction Society Steampunk group, Beyond Victoriana, HuemindFantastic, SteampunkNusantra and SandrineThomas' Steam-Amour blog for content that promotes diversity in Steampunk, and in general. If you know of others actively promoting diverse-steam, please let us know by starting a thread, so we may list them.

*Please feel free to extend items celebrating diverse steam by posting news, reviews, and creations you own copyright to (or have permission to post in whole or as fan media) in the Archive. Please be advised we do honor removal requests if copyright holders feel work has been posted in a way they don't or haven't approved of.
Please be very careful with creations dealing in cultures outside your own. In the spirit of reconstruction, after much damage done by way of colonization, the sanctity of identity through authentic voice is extremely important. The main intent here is to celebrate and raise awareness of diverse/"other" steamcraft. Please feel free to ask questions, do research, and extend ideas that pave the way for the celebration of all-culture. We all respect one another on the Moorwing, and speak without need for passive-aggression or similar. Communication is a beautiful thing, especially amongst a crowd as discerning as that which gathers here. It's an honor to be amongst you.
-PZ (via Modern-Speak translator)

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Discussion Forum


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It seems as if this corner of the Ætherverse is very quiet. Why don't we liven it up some? Share stuff about yourself and your interests!Continue

Researching the amaZulu during the mid- to late-19th Century

Started by Megan Timperley Oct 8, 2011. 0 Replies

My current project involves an in-depth look at the what-ifs of the Anglo-Zulu War. It's involving quite a fair bit of research, but I'm always up for more reading material. Does anyone here…Continue

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Moorwing Archive Peek: Malon Edwards' After Papa Died

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Steampunk-Nusantara #SouthEast #Asian #Steampunk

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An entire warehouse of items has emerged from an alternate universe according to one said to be an expensive but... well not entirely necessary quantum physicist. The work of cataloguing these…Continue

Tags: Nusantara, Jhameia, Steampunk, Asian, SouthEast

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Comment by PZ-M.Starfield ArchivalAetherist on May 3, 2010 at 6:05pm
Lady Hammerman and Sir RoseEngine ^ _ ^

Honored to have you aboard!

*extends an envelope miniature of Lemon Toffees*
We've been quite busy in the lab-yrinth. I hope you'll enjoy our latest confection.
There's a delight in their oddness. We've stuffed the envelope miniatures full enough to last you.

If you'll allow our Tourbot6000 to take your coats? We've given him a good wind, rest assured.

Our visiting Teaclerks Laraloun, and Dafydd will show you the way to the lounge while your rooms are prepared.

I see you eyeing the sweetjar *_^
It will still be there when you return to the middle deck.

*bows* *Presses pyramid button on the Modern Speak translator* *winks* * Disapparates*
Comment by PZ-M.Starfield ArchivalAetherist on March 31, 2010 at 1:52pm
Greetings Lady Bronte *_^

A pleasure to have you aboard.
Please allow the Tourbot6000 to take your frockcoat.

I trust the teaclerk has taken your preferential details?
We hope you'll take great pleasure in the promenade of tomes, and Paper forest on the top deck.

Should you wish to add anything to the archive, please see the last note on the welcome banner, which covers the archive's focus.

*winks, extending a yellow envelope miniature*
And do let us know your thoughts on the new Lemon-Papaya tea-squares.
Strange but delightful flavor sensation, I assure.
Comment by PZ-M.Starfield ArchivalAetherist on March 24, 2010 at 2:10pm
Welcome Lady Cannes ^_^

Delighted to have you aboard.
A cabin overlooking the Promenade of Tomes awaits you.
If you have any problems with Bookeaters whatsoever, press the triangle by the port glass.

*extends a crimson envelope miniature*
And, if you wouldn't mind, our confectioners are having a debate over these apple creme tartlets. Much obliged if you would weigh in at your leisure.

Comment by PZ-M.Starfield ArchivalAetherist on March 24, 2010 at 1:24pm
Lady Ruby ^_^

Wonderful to have you here.
Has our teaclerk tended you properly?
I do apologize about the empty sweetjar.
It appears to have quite a fan draining it properly,
...on the hour.
*raises a brow*

Luckily I've brought a treat.
*extends a green envelope miniature*
Lime cremes and Butterscotch Vegly gum stix freshly confectioned *_^

Comment by PZ-M.Starfield ArchivalAetherist on March 24, 2010 at 1:20pm
Greetings, Lady Fandom ^_^

A true delight to have you aboard.
You must be famished.
Please allow our Teaclerk Laraloun to prepare a proper tonic for you.
I hope you fancy a cabin with a view of the paper roof forest *_^

*extends an Amethyst handled wordkey*
Comment by PZ-M.Starfield ArchivalAetherist on March 16, 2010 at 8:04pm
A gem extended 'pon the Aethernets:

" RT @jhameia The Dream of Perpetual Motion by Dexter Palmer. And it is counting towards my 50_poc project this year! #POC #Steampunk "

Unsure if the protagonists are POC, but Dexter Palmer definitely is! More word when I find out about the cultures focused on in this tome ^_^ If you have this intel in your possession, please post a comment or start an archive thread ^_^
Comment by PZ-M.Starfield ArchivalAetherist on March 16, 2010 at 6:52pm
Glowing greetings Lady Wobbe <3

A pleasure to have you aboard the Moorwing.
I'd be delighted to hear more about your N'kisi series. One hopes you'll post some of your pieces in the digital exhibits, Brass Butterfly.

*extends a wine-hued envelope miniature*
Cherry tartlet?
Most amazing flavor sensations.


Please allow our Tea clerk to take note of your desired blends, and allow our tourbot to escort you to your cabin.
Comment by Heather Wobbe on March 16, 2010 at 5:56pm
I'm an art history, anthropology, and metals student and am working on a series of N'kisi inspired reliquaries with a steampunk feel. I am fascinated with searching out exotic cultures and celebrating the cultural treasures each society has, I'm glad to know the steampunk ideal doesn't stop at the shores of England!
Comment by PZ-M.Starfield ArchivalAetherist on March 16, 2010 at 4:08pm
Dearest Commodore ^_^


Delightful to have you among us. I understand your business is most pressing oft-times. I do hope you'll be enjoying a bit of holiday on the Moorwing. All work, no play and such...

*extends a tangerine-tinted envelope miniature*
Lime cremes?
They burst with flavor.

If you'll please allow our newly repaired Tourbot to hang your frock coat, and lead you to your cabin, we'll see that a teaclerk take stock of your favored blends post haste.
Comment by PZ-M.Starfield ArchivalAetherist on March 14, 2010 at 2:22pm
*the crackling of pipes*
*a sharp screech and unintelligible uttering*

Greetings Aetherists!

*adjusts Modern-Speak translator*

Thankyou for your patience with the posting of excerpts.
Expect excerpts from the works of MM Carter, Malon Edwards, Yours truly and more very soon.
Please feel free to share more Steam authors, and authors of underrepresented fantastical works, including excerpts you wish to extend at your whim. The Moorwing is an archive afterall.

Also, and I do wish it wasn't necessary to bring this up, but there's the matter of the Sweetjar in the lobby. The tourbot is having a bit of a time keeping it filled. If anyone is particularly sweet in the tooth, do let us know. We'll be very pleased to see that your room is stocked with your most cherished flavors. Let's be easeful with the jar in the lobby though, okay? Splendid! Thankyou.

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