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So we now have this lovely group with nothing but the best of people in it.  Hello to you all.


I also set up a main website,, to serve as a manifesto and advertising spot.


We also have a group on Facebook as well, since it seems a necessary evil.  All in all, I think the word is gettnig out there pretty well. 


With that said, I by no means claim any ownership over our collective.  This subculture is full of amazing and creative people, and I am just glad to be part of it.  So if there is something you'd like to add, change, contribute to, whatever, just let me know.


So feel free to discuss if you think all this presence in the online world is needed.  If there is anything on the main website you'd like to leave feedback on, or anything you can think of to help establish this Social Club as the premier membership list of the best and brightest we Retro-Futurists have to offer. 


I'll start the discussion with a thought I just had:


 - For members who operate well outside the Southeast United States, how would you feel about using the Club's banner and such to host your own events?  I mention this only because I notice one of our contributors here is from well down under, and the thought of the Club going trans-continental is something I'd love to see.  Your opinions?

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