The Steampunk Empire

The Crossroads of the Aether

They'll be waltz lessons by John Schmidt (one of our hosts for Clockwork Alchemy's Victorian Ball) and Swing lesson by Brian Gardner (our regular host).

Plus, in hopes of adding to the geekery, James Kraus and Stacey Hansen will teach a new invention of theirs, The Sir Roger de'Coverly Quadrille. Sir Roger is normally a long-wise country dance while a A quadrille is a dance with 4 couples in a square facing in. So, James and Stacey have upped the ante for those who like to think in 2 dimensions, rather than 1.

Plus, a rousing game of Rise of Aester LARP in the foyer

Some of your favorite Geeky tunes and melodies

...and maybe even a special wench tossing treat! "Join" the event for updates!

Doors - 7pm
Intermediate lessons - 7:30pm
Beginner's Lessons - 8:30pm
DANCING and LARPing - 9:30 - until...

Alt. Dance - this and every Thursday @ DanzHaus

1275 Connecticut Street,
San Francisco, CA 94107

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Hi Brian, is alt happening this Friday the 4th or is it happening on Thursday the 3rd?

It's Thursday, which is the 3rd, but it'll go until 4th! ;-)

We're an every Thursday event, but it's an annual theme for us. We just don't get to celebrate it on the day of all of the time...

Thanks, just checking for updating event lists.

I totally understand. Switching Thursday for Friday would be an easy mistake to make, and I've made mistakes like it in the past, but this time I did not. :-) Huzah!


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