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I noticed there were a good deal of people in this group from the Martinez/Concord/Walnut creek area and wanted to know if anyone would be interested in doing a get together at the Warehouse in Port Costa? For anyone who doesn't know where or what that is, it's one of the oldest bars in California at the end of a one street town.

I don't have a date in mind yet, just seeing if anyone's interested and maybe we could all see what works for us.

Of course anyone else from the bay area can come by too!

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Sorry, new to the site and was searching for groups in my area.  I'd love to have a meetup. Never been to the Warehouse, so an opportunity to go to a new place and meet new people would be great.  Please let me know when you decide on a date.

Well, it's not a steampunk gathering, but some friends and myself will be there this Saturday after 8 or so if you'd like to drop by and have a meet up. They're all steam friendly.

If you're interested let me know and I'll give you directions.

Thanks for the invite, Jessie, but I have an actual DATE that night! Yes, wonders will never cease. Let's keep in touch and eventually we'll meet up.  Are you going to Nova Albion's gathering in March?

Yay on having a date! We should definitely do a meet up at a later date.

What's Nova Albion's gathering? I'm going up to Seattle on March 25th, so other money spending endeavors are kind of going by the wayside for that month.

Nova Albion's gathering is on March 25, 26 and 27th in Santa Clara.  It'll be my first Steam gathering. I'm building my costume now. I've always like the literature, I just never knew there were people who dressed up like this until I saw the Steampunk people at the Dickens Faire in December. Pretty amazing stuff.

That looks pretty cool, maybe I'll make it next year. I haven't been to too many steampunk stuff yet either.

Good luck with your costume!


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