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Is there any actual group in San Francisco for Steampunk? I don't see any events going on, any meetings, or whatever.


I know that a lot of organizations are having troubles keeping people's attention in between events. I really want to get involved locally, but I'm not seeing any opportunities to do so.

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There's the Steam Federation-Bay Area, but nothing specifically San Francisco that I can tell.    the Federation has a facebook page.  It has some meet ups down in San Mateo i think.  I have what is now an annual Emperor Norton walking tour in January, so theres one event! :)



the Sci Fi event, SF in SF happens about once a month downtown. A non profit has a double feature of sci fiction movies, sometimes with a Steampunk connection.  We could look into having a meetup and movie type deal the next time to get the ball rolling in activity here in the city.


there doesnt seem to be any movies planned for this month, but perhaps next month.  

The Society is alive and well. They have weekly regular meetings and special events every month. They've been running most of this through their Facebook group page, which may be why you don't see much of it here.

I'll post the link in a bit.
Aha, there it is!
Let's start a group specifically for residents of the city, of course anyone could come but it would be nice to have a group that meets right here. I for one have never driven a motorized vehicle and have no plans to learn how any time soon.
I know that the Steam Federation has been wanting to extend to SF, but they've run into two problems:

1) Difficulty in finding a suitable meeting location
2) Not much interest from SF steampunks (or perhaps not enough of them?)

The first one has been the bigger issue. It took a bit to get things going in the East Bay; originally, the Federation operated out of the South Bay and Lower Peninsula. Interested parties need only be vocal and resourceful, and we can get the group extended to SF soon!

I like the idea of Wicked grounds, maybe borderland books, tart to tart (sunset, coffee shop open late), church street or somewhere else.  it might take a while to get the ball rolling, but I'd be interested.  We can post here and over on FB too.  


I've had some success with gathering sf steamers for things, so we're here, we just need to get our ducks in a row.


There are a lot of Bay Area Groups and events.  The main problem is that there has been no central bulletin board to find out about them, and some of the groups do really cool things, but don't get high marks in advance publicity.  Heather Bollman of the Steam Federation has been doing a good job of maintaining a Bay Area Calendar for both her group's events and other 'steamy' Bay Area events.  They also have regular meetings and a variety of projects going within their membership.  Join them at:!/groups/steamfederation/   The Sacramento Steampunk Society has a link on their Facebook Group to a "Northern California Steampunk Calendar", but it is not up to date (anyone want to volunteer to help maintain it?)


Shadarko has been promoting steamy activities in SF proper for quite a while.  My suggestion is that you do what was done in Sacramento and in the South Bay Area: get in touch with the obvious on-line steampunks in your area, pick a place (doesn't have to be the 'perfect, final' place), schedule a meetup.  Get together, and keep on getting together on a regular basis.  (This is what the Seattle Steamrats did also.  Their founder said she showed up every week whether anyone else did or not - look at what they do now!)   You are welcome to post announcements on the Sacramento Steampunk Society Facebook Group (with over 800 members you can be sure some of them live in SF) and I'm sure the Steam Federation (350+ members) would also help you with your startup promotion. 


As far as Facebook groups go - I have a love/hate relationship with it.  Facebook makes lots of arbitrary and poorly conceived un-announced changes that are VERY irritating, but they have a huge amount of people and the 'networking' drives a lot of activity.  None of the other social networks work as well for our purposes.  I would happily make the Steampunk Empire our primary on-line announcement site, if the events communications and calendar worked better.

I'm new to the Empire, and more so to the Society.  It would be of great service, to this Luddite, if events, communications, and so forth, were to be found in this Empire as I'm slowly evolving into the world of electronic comms, and this Empire is my primary resource.


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