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Calling all SF steampunks! Come join us for stupendous cocktails and outlandish entertainments. Have a crank at our custom-built steampunk cocktail shaker which will be making its inaugural run. Love to see the local Victorians out in force, and in costume. Spread the word! Event details and rsvp on

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Thanks for the heads up, I'm sure to be there. I'll posting it over on right now.

Awesome, thanks! Should be epic. Look forward to connecting with you and the local crew.

Aaahhh, yes... sounds ever so delightful!  A Victorian salon set in a Gold Rush era saloon.  All the elements necessary to become our own free floor show.  I do regret that I have not had the wherewithall to retrieve from Seattle the accountrements for the dress uniform of my SteamPersona.  So presuming I am able to attend, it will be in the work clothes I use on the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, the WWII Liberty ship moored in SFat pier 45.  Actually appropriate since the design of the triple expansion steam engine dates to the late 1880s.     


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