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This calendar is being maintained by Lacey Coleman as a central place for all Northern California Events of interest to Steampunks.  Please post events on the Sacramento Steampunk Society facebook group so they can be picked up for the Calendar, or send a PM to Lacey on facebook.

We will have our own website soon to make communication easier. 

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I have met a number of steamers who WILL NOT use (or even sign up) for facebook.  That is why we are building our own website for communication with our local meetup membrs.  While the Steampunk Empire is a wonderful site and great for on-line discussions and sharing, it lacks key elements for event invitations, communication and messaging for a group like ours.  The calendar linked above is intended to be available to everyone in Northern California and provide one-stop shopping for finding out about steampunk related events.  The person who puts it together visits a number of sites to find the content, but shouldn't be expected to visit all of them.  If someone wants something on the calendar, they can post it here and she may see it, or they can contact her directly.


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